Peperomia Hovaria®

Peperomia Hovaria®

Peperomia Hovaria®

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This new Peperomia is succulent-like with thick stems and thick leaves. The plant can store moisture here for drier times if it is without a few weeks.
The leaves feel super soft! You could also call him the cuddly-pepperomia.

The plant can safely live for 3 weeks without water, you will recognize it by the less decorative value and the somewhat hanging leaves. But after irrigation, the plant is tip-top again within 24 hours. Very easy to care for and therefore not afraid of various pests.

If you choose to water the potting soil only from above, then you will have to give something every week. If you want a few weeks of hassle-free, fill a bucket with water and immerse the whole pot in water for 5 to 10 minutes and then drain the pot well before you put it back on the supplied dish. In this way you only have to water once every 2-3 weeks in the summer and once every 3 to 5 weeks in the winter. Dosing plant food once every 2 months is sufficient.

Keep the temperature at least 15 degrees Celsius in the winter. In the summer, Peperomia Hovaria® has no problem with temperatures up to 40 degrees, as long as the plant is not in full sun and has sufficient water.

A window sill on the East or West is a great place to stand and the plant may also be further away from the window. The only thing that is really important: no full sun on the South but also no dark corner in the room.

This Peperomia is grown in a 16 cm red stone rose pot and is delivered with a matching dish and label.