Tillandsia deco

Tillandsia deco

Tillandsia deco

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A unique creation on wood!

Tillandsias are plants originating from South America, cultivated and grown sustainably. Tillandsia plants give off abundant oxygen and therefore provide cleaner air in the environment. These plants are therefore extremely suitable for the living room and / or office where the Tillandsia will certainly feel at home.

The roots

These plants are grown in Guatemala because humidity is optimal here in combination with the sunlight. The plants are there on mesh beds, so they are also aerated from below. The Tillandsia is an epiphyte, which means that it can grow on other plants and can live without extracting nutrients from it. The Tillandsia really lives off the humidity and therefore has no roots. The plant is propagated by side shoots which, when they are large enough, are pulled away from the mother plant.
The grape wood that is used here comes from southern Europe, because there are many vineyards. Old grape stems are regularly removed here to plant new ones. This old grape wood is treated against woodworm and other insects so that the Tillandsia plant can nestle on the grape wood.


Tillandsia's life is based on humidity, making it sufficient to spray the plant twice a week with lukewarm water. Furthermore, the plant likes a lot of light but no direct sun light.

Five productlines

- Tillandsia deco grape wood
- Tillandsia decoration plateau
- Tillandsia decoration pot
- Tillandsia decoration small
- Tillandsia deco tree