Dynaplant 28-02-18

That Dynaplant works with passion for plants is chrystal clear. The thousands of Zantedeschias that leave the nursery every day are cultivated with love and are of high quality. In addition to Callas, Dynaplant also deals with the seasonal cultivation of Clivia's. The grower has two locations at its disposal, with a total cultivation area of 5.5 hectares.

Peter Varekamp and Martin van der Lugt are the founders of the nursery and for several months son Ruben van der Lugt has also joined the management. Martin and Peter met on the sidelines of a korfball match of their children. They connected right away and soon it was decided to start a collaboration. Both, as growers of peppers and Kentia on hydroponics, already had experience in the industry. This knowledge was good to apply to the new nursery.

The start of the cultivation starts with tubers of 2 years old. The flowering of the Calla lasts an average of 12 weeks, depending on the sort and the season. Every week, different colors are stored according to a fixed schedule. Especially in the first 8 weeks a lot is sorted automatically. The purpose of this is to create continuity in height and quality. The cultivation of Calla seems like an Olympic top sport in that respect.

Dynaplant was one of the first growers who started with pot covers. The development of new pot covers is still part of the company. A lot of attention is also paid to added value. For example, ready-made items for all public holidays are available, matching the luxury, stylish and elegant Calla.

Dynaplant distinguishes itself by its continuity in high-quality plants combined with genuine customized service.

Sustainability is an important theme within the nursery. Dynaplant is in possession of the MPS A, GAP and SQ certificates and expects to be connected to the heating network of Trias Westland in 2018. Together with 48 other growers, hot water will be extracted from the Trias layer at an altitude of 4100 meters in order to heat the greenhouses in a sustainable way.

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