Esperit Plants: the nursery where small plants grow and where they have successfully marketed existing and new varieties of green and flowering plants for years. We visited the 's-Gravenzande location and got an extensive look behind the scenes at the grower of the month January.


The company, led by Jan van Geest, has existed for 20 years under the name Esperit Plants. The name is derived from the French word Esprit, or Spirit in English. Growing runs in the family, since 1975 plants have been grown at this location. In addition to the location in 's-Gravenzande which is 5 hectares, there are also 2 locations in Rijsenhout and Nieuwveen. Esperit accounts for no less than 8.5 hectares of total surface area. They usually work with a team of 40 employees at Esperit and in the peak period there are about 100 employees.

Green and flowering plants

The nursery cultivates both existing and new varieties of green and flowering plants and has brought three labels on the market: Esperit Ficuss, Esperit Greenss and Esperit Bliss. Bliss represents the branch of the fast-growing flowering plants. In addition, the nursery is constantly looking for novelties. Jan van Geest promises that a lot of new varieties will appear at Esperit in the new year.
The ficus Daniëlle is for Esperit Plants the most important species and has the largest pot size of 17 cm.

Where small plants grow up

The nursery grows about 80 plant varieties, many of which are own sorts. The cultivation period of the plants is ten weeks to one year. The growth of the ficus varies between ten and eighteen weeks. Esperit Plants tries to automate as many of its business processes as possible, the plants are automatically placed in trays and the stickers are automated as far as possible. The nursery produces on average about one hundred thousand plants per week.

Top quality

Esperit focuses on growing good quality plants in a wide range. That means convenience for the customer, who can place a complete order at one grower. The plants of Esperit are top quality, partly because they work with their own cutting material. In addition, the grower has a number of its own varieties, which emphasizes the distinctive character even better.


The nursery uses pots of recycled material, collects surplus water from the water for reuse and uses biological pesticides. Esperit is both MPS-A + and MPS-GAP certified and hopes to add MPS-SQ to this list in January.

A partner to be proud of! Watch the video of our visit here.