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FBB Plant

FBB Plant

KVM-FBB Plant 26-09-19

Last week we visited FBB Plant, and had a very nice meeting with the owner, Frank van den Burg.

The company who is runned by Frank van den Burg, is founded in 2011. However, Frank is grower since 24 years. The first 11 years he runned a nursery together with his brother, thereafter he founded his own company Frank van de Burg in 2005. Six years later he moved to Berkel and Rodenrijs and changed the company’s name to FBB plant. Nowadays, the company exist of a surface of 2,2 hectares of glass houses and 1,1 hectares of an outside greenhouse.
Frank told us that growing is in the family. His father was farmer and one of his brothers has taken over. His other three brothers and his sister are like Frank growers. So that growing is in the family, is for sure.

FBB Plant is specialized in growing Skimmia japonica “Rubella” for the Autumn season. They used to grow also other types of Skimmia, however they decided to focus on only the japonica types, and especially the Rubella. This results in an astonishing quality of the Rubella, in different potsizes from 10,5 till pot 33. Frank called growing Rubella’s ‘Top sport’. They are cut in July, after which they do ‘nothing’ until March/April. A light green stem grows in April and in May/June the flower is grown. To grow a high quality Skimmia takes a lot of care and time of the grower.

Very nice to see is, that all Skimmia are grown inside the nursery, however when they are almost ready to be sold, the plants are being moved outside, to give the Skimmia an extra red colored touch, which is the most valuable asset of the Skimmia.
In spring they grow Roses in different shapes. They sell approximately 250.000 roses a year between half April and the end of June.

Service oriented

The distinctiveness of FBB Plant is expressed in various ways. First, their assortment is very broad, they sell pot sizes from 10,5 till pot 33. Thereby, they are specialist in Rubella for a long time. One of the parts where they are the most proud of is the customized services they offer. They only sell on order, which is possible on the day itself with delivery on the same day. Besides the late order service, as requested by the customer, they also offer the plants with stickers.


FBB Plant has the following certificates concerning sustainability: MPS A, MPS GAP and MPS SQ. The use of gas is minimized, they almost never use it. In addition, the nursery is involved in biological control.
Do you want to learn more about this grower who also shares our passion for plants, watch the video!