Freek van der Velden

Freek van der Velden

Freek van der Velden

That growing runs through the family, is crystal clear at grower Freek van der Velden. Together with his son Martin, Freek is the owner of Kwekerij Freek van der Velden. Gerberas have been grown here since 1993. And history goes back even to the father and the grandfather of the grower. The nursery located in Delfgauw not only grows pot gerberas, but also pot gerberas that are suitable for outdoor. In the winter period Helleborus and poinsettias are grown.

The gerbera (automatic)

Growing a pot gerbera takes between 10 and 12 weeks and goes largely automatically. For example, the sorting process at the Freek van der Velden nursery is partly automatic, resulting in 40 different sortings. Because the growth process of each gerbera is different and the gerberas are grown mixed, this sorting process is necessary. This automatic process goes through a camera that determines which sort of gerbera belongs to which sorting. The last sorting, the specific wishes of the customer is still a non-automatic, human process.

Top quality

Because the gerbera is so different in its growth process, it is a challenge for the nursery to be able to deliver the right order to the customer. Therefore, additional gerberas must be cultivated to avoid this risk. This is also the distinctive capacity of the nursery, delivering a top quality entirely according to the wishes of the customer. The power of sorting can therefore clearly be seen here. The quieter cultivation of the nursery and the wider setting of the plant also contributes to delivering high quality. That’s why the nursery has joined Decorum*.

In a busy period, 150,000 gerberas are sold per week. During this busy period, all preparatory work is done at night in the nursery, such as pre-sorting the gerbera’s. Every year seven million gerberas are grown at nursery van der Velden.


Freek van der Velden nursery also keeps producing new varieties in the assortment, of course only species that score well in the flowering trials. We got the grower's first to say that they will market the 15cm Helleborus Christmas Carol this year.


Not only the delivery of top quality is of paramount importance to the nursery, but the environment is also high on the agenda. In this way they burden the environment as little as possible by reusing water, separating waste and generating their own energy by means of a combined heat and power system. In addition, the nursery has the following certificates: Product-proof, MPS-A, -GAP, -SQ, -FLORIMARK PRODUCTION, -QUALITY, -GLOBAL GAP.

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* Decorum combines the strength of over 50 specially selected plant and flower growers with the same passion for greenery.
For us, plants and flowers are the most beautiful thing there is. Growers who are connected to Decorum are carefully selected. Quality, sustainability and innovation are central here.