Hofland Flowering Plants

Hofland Flowering Plants

Hofland Flowering Plants

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This month we put grower Hofland Flowering Plants in the spotlight. The company whose history goes back to 1899, is known for its assortment of different flowering plants.

From vegetables and plants to the Schlumbergera

The fifth generation is now at the helm of the nursery, namely sister Annemiek Hofland and brother Frank Hofland. The nursery has been in existence for 120 years and was founded on 20 October 1899 by Jan Hofland, grandfather of Annemiek and Frank. What started in Naaldwijk with vegetables and plants, grew into a larger nursery located on the Lange Broekweg. An export company made sure that a lot of people traveled to England, where the member cactus was discovered and taken to the Netherlands to grow themselves.
The nursery built a new greenhouse in 2007 and now has a total area of 3.5 hectares of glass. They work with 23 permanent employees and also temporary employees. In addition, the nursery works together with Haeghe Group from The Hague, which connects people who are at a distance from the labor market with companies. These colleagues with a slight disability feel at home among the plants at the nursery and the majority have been working there for decades. In this way Hofland Flowering Plants contributes to corporate social responsibility.


The schlumbergera is native to South America and grows in the Amazon like an epiphyte under trees. We know the lidcactus mainly as Christmas cactus or weihnacht cactus. At the nursery he is grown from his own place. The cuttings go into the cold room for about a week (± 5 days) to harden well. This process improves the quality of the cutting. Recently the nursery also has a cutting robot, which can cut 3000-4000 cuttings per hour. In the generative phase, the top leaves are turned off, so that the leaf becomes stronger. However, this is done after the plant has been ‘switched’, so that after removing the leaf, no new leaf but a flower grows in return. In total, growing cuttings until the plant takes 40 weeks.


At Hofland they are open to new innovations and are therefore busy with that. Not only in terms of process optimization (by means of, among other things, the cutting robot), but also in the field of the plant, they are constantly looking for new innovations and improvements. For example, they are busy crossing certain species, but they also let us know that the basis must be good and that there is also a priority.


Hofland Flowering Plants is in possession of the following MPS certificates: A, GAP, SQ and ProductProof.