In the busiest period of the year, perennial and bedding plants grower IJzelenberg from Maasdijk made time for us to take a look at their nursery.
The nursery, which has been in existence for 60 years, has three locations, accounting for a total area of 8 hectares. 5.5 hectares of this consists of greenhouse and the other 2.5 hectares consists of container fields. The nursery does not only grow in the Netherlands, but they also work together with a grower from Spain and several growers from Portugal.

Family business

You can say that IJzelenberg nursery is a real family business. The third generation is now working in the company. The brothers Anton and Gerrit are now at the helm and have taken over from their father who once started the company. Antonie and Chris also work at the nursery, son and son-in-law of Anton IJzelenberg. In total, the nursery has seven permanent employees and during peak periods they are supported by temporary employees.

Product Range

IJzelenberg has an extensive range of perennial and bedding plants with eight different varieties. The range is sometimes adjusted, but the nursery has its bestsellers. The range can also be divided into spring and autumn products. A small selection from the IJzelenberg range: Pink Kisses, Helleborus, Schizanthus and the viola.

The Helleborus Winterbell is a big success at IJzelenberg. The plant that blooms for up to seven months is a real asset to every garden. The Winterbell belongs to the Winter Princess collection of the grower, the species of which have been selected after strict selection work. The Winterbell is available from September to November.

Pot robot

The nursery uses a pot robot at one of its locations. The pot robot is not only efficient but also creates uniformity in the products of the grower. In this way the pot robot potting the plants just as far apart and equally deep. During our visit the pot robot planted around 2800 plants per hour and that was not even at full strength.

Low and high tide water system

The greenhouses of the grower are provided with low and high tide floors. Which means that the watering of the plants is circulated. The remaining water is collected again and reused for the next watering.


Sustainability is highly valued at IJzelenberg. Paper, plastic and green waste are separated and they also participate in M.P.S, the Floriculture Environment Program. This makes them MPS A certified.

Watch the video here.