If you say Phalaenopsis orchids and Cordyline Australis, you say Levoplant. We visited the pot plant nursery which, with its four different locations in the Westland, has a total surface area of 135,000 m2.

It’s in the family

Anneke and Leo van der Voort founded Levoplant in 1969 and started a nursery of 7,000 m2. Today, the company has grown into a major player in the Phalaenopsis market and the nursery area is nearly 20 times as large. Leo van der Voort stepped down as director in 2012 and sons-in-law Henry Duijvestijn and Ron Fransen took over from him.

ILike Orchids

Levoplant delivers its orchids in three different lines. There are no less than ± 5.5 million a year:

• ILike®
The standard mix of Levoplant with various 12 cm orchids. Delivered with the nice fresh heart-shaped that indicates that this is a mix.
• ILike® Supreme
This line represents the specially selected quality on specific varieties. The more luxurious double label emphasizes the more exclusive appearance. These orchids have two branches and more than 18 buds.
• ILike® Duetto
A bronze-colored label indicates that it concerns the charming Duetto: a rich orchid in a 17 cm pot.

Tropical atmosphere on your terrace

The Cordyline Australis - as the name suggests - comes from Australia, is a tough outdoor plant that fits the needs of today's consumer. The grower grows four varieties: Red Star, Verde / Peko, Variegata and Charlie Boy. Levoplant may call itself the market leader in this segment, with the English market as the biggest fan.

The power of Levoplant

Levoplant puts a lot of time and energy into developing new concepts and bringing new plant varieties onto the market, some even exclusively grown by the grower. For example, this year they started supplying ton-sur-ton and new innovations are already on their way. It is therefore not surprising that the grower strives to become the largest and best variety-grower in Europe. In addition, the combination of innovation and craftsmanship means that they grow top quality plants.


Levoplant considers the quality of the products and the working conditions of paramount importance. They have the following MPS certificates: A +, GAP, Quality, Socially Qualified. In addition, they are also MPS-Product Proof certified, they have the opportunity of wrapping the orchids in paper and use ethylene cells (if necessary).