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Mondo Verde

Mondo Verde

KVM-Mondo Verde 15-07-19

In Rijsenhout is the nursery located that specializes in growing green houseplants and that we are putting in the spotlight this month: Mondo Verde.

Roots in Green

The nursery, which is four hectares in size, is primarily known for growing Ficus Ginseng, but this has not always been the case. The nursery started in 1951 in Amsterdam and grew vegetables and roses. When the nursery had to make room for the Olympic village that was to be built (later this did not happen), the nursery decided to move to Rijsenhout. Here they continued to grow roses and freesias were added. In 1989, Mondo Verde started growing the ficus on stem (not yet the Ginseng) and in the meantime four greenhouses have been built here with a total area of four hectares.

In 2016, Kees Bakker joined his father Louis's company. One year later brother Frans also joined.

Ficus Ginseng

The top product from Mondo Verde is originally from southern China and needs no less than fifteen years to form the capriciousness of the root. A small leafy Ficus Microcarpa is then inoculated onto the root and the plant is pruned in the well-known bonsai way. Due to the origin of the plant, the Bakker brothers travel to China eight times a year with a cultivation manager. The cultivation manager ensures that the plants are brought to the Netherlands in the best possible condition and looks at where optimization is still possible.

Product Range

In addition to the Ginseng, the Mondo Verde range has several beautiful plant species such as: Pachira, Yucca and the Nolina. What is also remarkable about the grower's assortment is that the pot sizes vary from 9 centimeters to 50 centimeters. To complete the assortment, the grower also adds value through a beautiful line of ceramic pots.

Easy to care

The Ginseng is known for its easy care. You have to water the plant very moderately, but keep in mind the seasons. He needs more water in the summer than in the winter. Note that water will never remain in the dish, because the plant does not like wet feet. Regular addition of the Ginseng is preferred. Do not hesitate to cut off shoots - in whatever form - so that the shape and beauty of the wood remains clearly visible.


Mondo Verde is constantly looking for new innovations to make their nursery as sustainable as possible. They are in possession of the following MPS certificates: ProductProof, GAP, Global GAP, SQ & GRASP. In addition, the nursery is also very proud of their 450 solar panels.

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