We took a look at the sustainable world of Plantanious b.v. The company that has a completely new look since three weeks (previously: Loek Jansen) is led by the brothers Joost and Freek Jansen. The identical twins have now been the owners of the nursery for a year and a half, which is a real family business. The nursery has been specialized in growing green houseplants and flowering seasonal products for the home, garden, terrace or balcony for three generations now. The nursery consists of an area of 4.5 hectares and is located in Kwintsheul. The permanent team of Plantanious consists of ten permanent employees and 15-20 seasonal employees.


The two brothers made a fresh start three weeks ago with the new look and feel and the name change. The brothers also tackled the unveiling of the new name in a big way with a video on their Facebook page. A leading video that is entirely devoted to Plantanious: "We are sustainable and will start surprisingly green."
Although changing the name of the nursery is a big decision, the brothers didn't hesitate for a long time. ‘The name Plantanious fits much better with the management of the nursery and is also well applicable internationally’, says Freek Jansen.

Surprisingly green

The slogan of Plantanious is "Surprisingly Green" and can be seen throughout the company. Not only the green way of growing is surprising, but also the assortment keeps surprising. Plantanious therefore stands for: Thinking green, doing green and continuously surprising.


Due to the diverse assortment that Plantanious offers, there are different growth periods. This difference can clearly be seen between the garden gerbera that has a growth period of ten to fifteen weeks and the tibouchina that has a growth period of no less than nine months. The difference in temperatures is also noticeable when you walk through the Plantanious greenhouse. In this way they create the optimum growing conditions for each plant. Plantanious even grows some "specialties" in Costa Rica.
All Plantanious tub plants have a long flowering period from April to October / November, depending on the weather conditions.
To deliver the optimum quality to their customers, the nursery ensures that the plants grow and thrive by pruning when necessary. Pruning is done both mechanically and manually, for some plants this is five to six times.


Plantanious grows a wide range with many different and surprising products. They are constantly looking for new, surprising products and trends that can make our lives more enjoyable. Plantanious also responds to the wishes of its customers. By making use of ton sur ton, they respond to the wishes of retailers. The plants now stand out even more because the colors come to the fore.


It is clear that Plantanious goes for sustainability in the broadest sense of the word. The nursery has no less than 750 solar panels and the next 350 are already planned for the coming month. With almost 1100 solar panels, it means that Plantanious is "neutral" in its consumption, they consume as much electricity as they generate. In addition, the nursery uses geothermal heat. They are the first nursery that runs entirely on geothermal heat. Plantanious does not only use the geothermal heat source, but does this together with nine other nurseries and thereby they heat no less than 65 hectares with geothermal heat. In addition, the nursery is engaged in maximum biological control and they are constantly looking for opportunities to make the nursery even more sustainable.

Watch the video here for a short impression of the grower of the month April!