R. Moerings

R. Moerings

R. Moerings

Water plant nursery Moerings is the largest in the industry in Europe. The history of the nursery goes back to Ronald Moerings from Boskoop, his uncle cultivated aquatic plants as a hobby and Ronald regularly brought some sorts to a few customers of the uncle. They liked it very well, although the young Ronald noticed that the muddy plants ended up somewhere in a corner of the garden centers. So he made a plan for that and became the biggest waterplants grower of Europe.

Sophisticated presentation
Ronald took over the water plants and the customers of his uncle and started his own nursery. He provided a well-designed presentation, the plants were delivered neat and clean and provided with a beautiful and striking label.

A new place
The nursery started in Boskoop, but Ronald and his wife Fiona decided to look somewhere else in the country for a large lot, where they could continue their business with room for future expansion. That was found in 1997 in Roosendaal in the province Brabant. There they built a completely new greenhouse complex with an advanced ebb and flow system, so that the aquatic plants could be grown in optimal conditions.
Meanwhile the nursery has grown to a total surface area of 13 hectares, making it the largest in Europe.

What the term 'concept' stands for is very clear to the nursery.
Concept is a fully equipped pond corner, with water plants on tables with presentation material and as much information as possible for the consumer. This includes the use of the right tables in the garden center to the organization of seminars for customers for a bit of extra training.

The nursery is still growing, every year 8 to 9 million plants leave the nursery. The market is expanding at the moment by also offering concepts in glass.
The peak season is in the spring, from January plant material comes in from China and from March until the end of the summer the products leave the nursery.
The grower works with a team of 20 permanent employees and in the high season that increases to +/- 70 people.

The grower is a forerunner in the field of sustainability, it is MPS certified and the greenhouse has a green label, at the moment there is a plan for solar panels. For years the company has been working with a smart water collection system and is therefore very progressive.
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