Stolk Brothers

Stolk Brothers

Stolk Brothers

This month we put the nursery in the spotlights where environmental friendliness is of paramount importance and which may call itself the most sustainable Anthurium grower in the world: Stolk Brothers. Pieter and David Stolk showed us around the nursery, where we surrounded ourselves among the Anthuriums.

A family business

Where it once started with the cultivation of lettuce and tomatoes by the grandfather (Jan Stolk) of the current owners, the youngest two sons Piet and Kees soon stepped into the company. After taking over the company, the two started growing house plants after a number of years, specializing in pot Anthuriums. The cultivation of Anthuriums was further and better developed and in 2012 the fourth generation entered the company, namely Pieter and David.

Eco-friendly Anthurium

The nursery now has an area of six hectares and they do everything about it to grow the most vital Anthurium possible. The Anthurium receives organic fertilizers from the very beginning of the plant. Pieter and David Stolk: “It is really our duty to keep the earth clean.” This all started with the allergy of the father of the Stolk brothers, because organic growing was already an important subject at an early age, the Stolk Brothers have been doing this for more than 25 years.

They are continuously looking for the best way to grow organically. They have been using 665 solar panels since 2017 and they are using residual heat. In principle, biological control is always used, sometimes they have to correct, but they also do this in a biological way. For example, when they are dealing with lice. They then choose to use an extra hunter (animal enemy), if that does not work then they use a strong hunter and alternatively a biological pesticide can be used.


The nursery has 12 to 13 Anthurium varieties, such as the Pink Champion, Red Champion, Leganza and the Zizou. In addition to the Anthurium, the Stolk Brothers product range also includes the Mikado and the Corokia, which will be available for the long term in 2020-2021.

Anthurium: Air-purifying & Easy to take care for

Anthuriums are the most air-purifying plants with flowers. Studies have even shown that air-purifying plants make people happy and are therefore healthy for a good living environment. In addition, the plant is very easy to care for, it does not need much to remain beautiful for a long time. For example, they prefer to be in a light place and Anthuriums are true heat lovers, while the Anthuriums feel most comfortable in a room temperature. All this can be seen in the greenhouses of Stolk Brothers, where the optimum condition is created for the plant.

Watch the video of our visit here!