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Van den Berg

Van den Berg


Autumn is already in full swing at van den Berg nursery in de Lier. In the greenhouse, rows full of Solanum and Capsicum are neatly lined up and the Christmas roses are already growing well.

From iceberg lettuce to Spanish daisy
The family business has existed for about 30 years, of which more than 25 years potted plants have been grown. The nursery is run by Martijn van den Berg and he is supported in this by his parents and his wife. His father started the nursery with the cultivation of vegetables such as (iceberg) lettuce, after five years he switched to the cultivation of Osteospermum (Spanish daisy), which is still one of the nursery's best-known specialties.

The other seven varieties that van den Berg cultivates are Campanula, Gazania, Streptocarpus, Helleborus, Capsicum, Solanum and Portulaca.

Passion for quality
The strength of the nursery is the combination of quality and the possibility to order by sort. The plants are therefore the perfect address for garden centers.
The nursery covers about three hectares and more than 1.3 million plants leave the nursery every year. The grower is affiliated with Decorum and for the Campanula at Addenda. The team consists of six permanent employees. Martijn is responsible for the cultivation and planning and Erik focuses on sales. (Both shown in the photo).

Looking back on spring
Like everyone else, a strange period started for Martijn and his team when corona came into the world. It was the time that the Campanula season was about to start. Martijn: “It was a crazy and uncertain time. Normally 80 trolleys a day leave during that period, and now there was nothing to deliver at all. Fortunately, there was also a rapid recovery period in which there was a lot of demand for garden plants, which means that we are now back at the break-even level. In addition, we also benefited a lot from the contact with all other Decorum and Addenda growers. We were in contact via video calling almost daily and we shared our experiences and advice with each other and the organization.

Time for fall
The cultivation of Solanum and Capsicum takes about 18 to 19 weeks and are available from the beginning of September until the end of January. During the extensive tour, the Capsicum Autumn Daylight immediately catches the eye. Van den Berg is the only grower who grows this variety, the plant has berries with a beautiful color shade of no less than four colors, from purple to yellow, orange and red. This autumn beauty also has a shelf life of no less than 12 weeks.

The breeding process is as natural and sustainable as possible. The plants are grown almost without extra heat and the control is organic as much as possible. In addition, bumblebees fly throughout the nursery to promote pollination. Thanks to these and other measures, the nursery has obtained the MPS certificates A, SQ and GAP.