Van der Arend Tropical Center

Van der Arend Tropical Center

Van der Arend Tropical Plantcenter

As the name suggests, you will find yourself in a tropical paradise at grower van der Arend in Naaldwijk. The company imports and acclimatizes (sub)tropical plants and trees. The passionate grower René van der Arend has been the director of the successful nursery for 35 years and enthusiastically shows us around the main garden in Naaldwijk.

The company has nurseries in the Netherlands, France and Asia and therefore has a continuous stock of plants and trees. Van der Arend celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. René took over the nursery from his father who has started growing young vegetable plants. Yet René noticed that his passion was to be found somewhere else, namely with potted plants. From childhood he was busy growing his own house plants.

He still experiences the fascination during his work. Every 2 months he travels to Asia to discover new sorts and to check how the growing process is going.

"When I am there I only look down, and up to the greenery and nature, I am so focused on the plants that I hardly notice the rest of the environment."

A team of around 20 people is working hard on the wide range of pot plants. The strength of the grower lies in this wide assortment and in the niche products that are sent to consumers exclusively and for top quality.

The team is on top of the trends and can therefore work years ahead. By testing a lot at customers and in their own space, it can quickly be determined which types are further produced and which are not. In this way the company continues to perform at the highest level.

Among the range of more than 300 varieties are bestsellers such as the Sansevieria TOP-line products, including the Velvet Touchz®. Together with Greencre8, van der Arend has started developing and applying added value to the plants.

Another prizewinning product within the grower's range is the Monstera Monkey Leaf. A real eye-catcher that can be found everywhere on Instagram and in the fashion magazines.

Sustainability is interwoven in the business processes. In the field of logistics in particular, maximum use is made of all sustainable options. For example, multiple-use containers are used and pots are not sent from the Netherlands to Asia, but are made locally at the nursery there. Furthermore, minimal use is made of paper and wood is not used at all in the production process.

The gardens at the locations in the Netherlands have CHP installations. Power is used for lighting, and any surplus is supplied back to the grid. A very environmentally friendly solution to provide the houses in the area with electricity.

The sustainable needs of the consumer are also taken into account in production. The 100% sustainable line "Nature’s Chance" has been on the market for several months. With pots made from coconut residual material. The pot dissolves completely when it ends up in nature. All products are subject to biological control.

As far as René van der Arend is concerned, the techniques used in floriculture in the Netherlands that are used by all growers are something to be proud of. "With all growers together we are able to deliver top products to consumers worldwide in a very high-tech way, and we can be proud of that in the whole industry!".

We cannot other but agree with this statement and we try to contribute to this message with the grower of the month articles and videos. Passion for plants together!

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