Agapanthus® Summer Love ™

Agapanthus® Summer Love ™

Agapanthus® Summer Love ™

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NEW: The Agapanthus Duo with blue and white flowers in a 19 cm pot!

The sun worshiper that makes every terrace and every garden more beautiful.

Agapanthus® Summer Love ™, unlike other varieties of the African Lily, is very compact and has short, sturdy stems. The plant is very popular because it blooms from May until October with attractive blue flowers. You can place the plant outside in the spring when the frost is not colder than -5 degrees. Temperatures colder than -5 ° C can be fatal to the plant.

Sun worshiper
The Agapanthus is a real sun worshiper and particularly suitable as a tub plant for the terrace or balcony. Agapanthus® Summer Love ™ is a green Agapanthus that flowers throughout the summer. Cutting away faded flowers is important so that the plant will give new flowers. The Agapanthus® Summer Love ™ will flower until the first frost.


  • Place the Agapanthus on a sheltered sunny spot in a mixture of potting soil and sand.
  • Place the Agapanthus in a large pot with a drainage hole.
  • Always make sure that the soil is slightly damp in the growing season.
  • A little plant food every month helps the growth and flowering.
  • The Agapanthus is not completely hardy and hibernates if it gets colder than a few degrees below zero in a cool shed or basement.