Begonia luxurians

Begonia luxurians

Begonia luxurians

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This relatively rare Begonia variety has beautifully shaped palm like leaves. Most people don’t even think about a Begonia when they see this beauty, because it is so different from all other Begonias on the market. Grower Hofstede Hovaria, known from the Hovaria Hydrangeas, is happy to be able to let other plant enthusiasts enjoy this specialty too.

Begonia luxurians can grow up to 2 meter, but you can easily prune it back when it gets too tall.
Although it does flower sometimes with many tiny white flowers, it are the eye-catching leaves that attract the attention from everyone immediately.

As a house plant this Begonia does well under bright light conditions as well as on more shady spots. Avoid direct sunlight in the afternoon from March till October.
It does well outside too during summer on a shady and somewhat sheltered spot in the garden, but be sure to use well-drained soil and keep it away from direct sunlight.

Watering once a week is often sufficient when used indoors, don’t forget to remove any excess water from the saucer or ceramic pot within a few hours after watering. Give less water during the winter months and wait till the soil dry out a bit before you water again.
The Palm leaf Begonia is quite a tough plant that can withstand relatively cool temperatures during the winter months, for sure when you keep the soil on the dry side.

Attention: Limited availability this month in clay pots with saucer, the next production won’t be ready until August!