Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants launches ‘African Breeze’

Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants launches ‘African Breeze’

Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants launches a new brand name within the current range, called ‘African Breeze’. The grower, who is specialized in the cultivation of bulbous and tuberous plants, has a lot of African products in his assortment. With the proceeds of the ‘African Breeze’ products Vreugdenhil wants to give something back to the continent where the products come from. That’s the reason behind the link with the project with the World Wide Fund for Nature. Besides the fact that a large part of the assortment comes from Africa, Vreugdenhil is connected with Africa because of the fact they have their own nursery in Zambia.

‘We support the ‘Zambian Carnivore Programme’. Because of our strong bond with Africa and Zambia, we have chosen to donate part of the turnover to this project.’ – Jochem Vreugdenhil

In total, eight types of plants fall under the African Breeze brand:
– Ornithogalum Dubium
– Ornithogalum Thyrsoides
– Scilla Peruviana
– Ensete Maurelli
– Albuca Spiralis Frizzle Sizzle
– Lachenalia (Nieuw in assortiment!)
– Pennisetum
– Eucomis

Zambian Carnivore Programme
The Zambian Carnivore Programma (ZCP) is a Zambian-registered non-profit organization. The organization is committed to conserving large carnivores and the ecosystems in which they reside through a combination of scientific studies, nature conservation actions and extensive effort in the field of education and capacity building.

As said before, a part of the turnover goes towards the project. ‘We hope that the sales of all African Breeze products will go well. If this is expected, the donation to the Zambia Carnivores program will be around € 10,000. A donation that they really benefit from within the ZCP project. The WWF has already indicated to look forward to the cooperation between both parties and we too!’, Jochem Vreugdenhil says.

Want to read more about the ‘African Breeze’ brand? Check their site here. Or read the catalog here.