Christmas tree out, houseplant in!

Christmas tree out, houseplant in!

2019 has started! The Christmas tree is back outside the door and thus the perfect opportunity to put a houseplant in its place. But which one to choose? The Joy of Plants set out three different interior trends (FLTR): VulnerabilitySustainability, & Futurism. Starring the Kalanchoe Hildebrandtii, the monstera & the strelitzia.



With so much chaos in the world outside, it’s nice for everything at home to be more friendly, softer, more beautiful. A place where you can be safe and comfortable, like being wrapped in a warm blanket. In the interior this trend leads to all things soft: soft colours, soft materials and soft-looking plants. Like the remarkable Kalanchoë Hildebrandtii. With its shades of soft grey and easy characteristics – this houseplant needs virtually no care – it gives you one thing less to worry about in your home.


In 2019 Sustainability and the future remains an important item. Our concern leads to more restrained choices and new sense of responsibility, which in interior this trend leads to calming interiors where rhythm and the pure product count. The sustainable approach is leading to a real revival in recycled materials that retain their authenticity. This means that the composite materials and products do not look perfect; instead, you can see their history. The no-nonsense monstera fits perfectly with the theme of sustainability, because in Chinese symbolism this plant represents a long life.


The interior trend Futurism is all about speed, smart and senses. We’re constantly looking for a healthy balance and a new rhythm within a tempo in which so much is decided, invented and expected on our behalf. This translates into a feeling that smart technological solutions can be found everywhere. Unusual metallic finishes, transparent materials with gradients and reflections lend an overall sci-fi feel. Plants are kept as simple as possible, with an exciting colour effect in order to crank up the mystery even further. Strelitiza is a logical choice, because how could something so exotic exist in a bog standard living room? The flowers therefore have an almost otherwordly beauty.

Bron: The Joy of Plants