Orchid Inspiration Days

Orchid Inspiration Days

We keep this page up to date with all our findings during the Orchid Inspiration Days. The Orchid Inspiration Days 2019 are from 5 – 13 June. Any questions about the products? Please contact your Sales manager at OZ Planten for more information.

Ter Laak Orchids
In addition to the beautiful presentation of the productlines of Ter Laak, they also presented some new items. For example, a new purple variety is added to the “Wave” line, the Flying Orchid is presented in a Show box and there are some new Big Lips varieties. What’s also new is the new production of the 7 cm pot sizes, and an extension of color within the 17 cm pot sizes.

As we are used to at Optiflor nursery, the presentation looked nice and neat again. Outside of the fixed concepts, the grower has been busy with new lines. The Fortuno is more compactly produced, the 4-6 stem of Triumph is a new variety, just like the Bellino and there is a new variety of Boquetto. New colors have been added to the successful Arto: red and blue.

Levoplant nursery also shows a number of interesting new items, it has made a separate label for the I-like during Christmas, furthermore a nice experiment of a one and a half stem of Cascade.
Furthermore, the Manta line is being brought back to the market, together with a few other growers. This will only happen in the longer term.
The beautiful new varieties are the Swan and Ballerina and a nice addition is the pot 17 cm Cascade 2-stem.

OK Plant
When we visited the OK Plant nursery, we saw nice style rooms decorated with the current trends. A new concept that they are introducing is “Green up your home”. With many large-flowered sorts such as Amabilis with a combination of the green plants from their assortment.