Presentation by Hoogeveen Plants

Presentation by Hoogeveen Plants

Tim from grower Hoogeveen Plants came by to show the biologically grown fruit trees. They started growing these plants last year and are currently developing them. It is expected to grow only biologically fruit trees (next to the Tasty Green line) at the grocery within five years. The Tasty Green plants are available in the following potsizes: 1 liter, 3 liter and 5 liter. Those with the Lubera label are exclusive and from a Swiss breeder.

Hoogeveen Plants is continuously developing their plants. The fruit delivery of the plants, compared to the current fruit delivery (20/30%), is significantly more (80/90%). Furtermore, they offer 35-40 different fruit trees in potsize 1 and 3 liter. The assortment of the plants with potsize 5 liter consists of five different fruit trees: Ribes Lowberry ® Little Black Sugar, Rubus Lowberry ® Little Black Prince ®, Rubus Lowberry ® Little Sweet Sister ®, Vaccinium Little Blue wonder ® and Lycium Princess Tao.


The plants will be delivered in a pot from 100% recycled plastic. Thereby, Hoogeveen is in possession of the SKAL certificate, which means that they grow 100% biological. So, the grower uses only biological pesticides if necessary just as the use of biological fertilizers.

– Promotional material is available like banners and leaflets. In every language.
– Potsize 1 liter is available in early spring, followed by potsize 3 liter.