Grower of the month

Aphrodite Orchidee

Grower of the month Aphrodite Orchidee is known for its professional, modern orchid nursery. The company  exists already 80 years. It is run by the third generation of the Weerdenburg family and has two locations: Rozenburg for the 12cm pots and Amstelveen for the 15cm pots. As of June 1, 2019, Aphrodite Orchidee stops breeding the 15cm pot Phalaenopsis because of the decreasing demand and closes the nursery in Amstelveen.

With about 80 employees, Aphrodite works with permanent partners and customers and is distinguished by the long shelf life of the Phalaenopsis, the solid color mixture and the 3- and 4-branch orchids. In total, Aphrodite grows twelve different types of orchids.

The cultivation of the Phalaenopsis

The plant that has its origin in Asia, arrives as a cutting at Aphrodite. These cuttings are first put in quarantine on arrival for about three weeks. This is to prevent sick plants from entering. Then the growth process starts at Aphrodite. Co-owner Jeroen van Weerdenburg compares the process with 'a jungle'. He explains that it has to be warm (29 degrees Celsius) for the orchid and the humidity must be good. A distinction is made between the winter and summer climate. In winter the roots and flowers of the orchid grow. The fact that the flowers grows in the winter has to do with the survival urge of the orchid. Because it produces seeds in this way, it can reproduce. In the summer both the leaves and the roots of the orchid grow. The grower continuously monitors the climate for the optimal living conditions of the orchid.

The growth process of a 12cm orchid lasts a year and a 15cm orchid takes 1.5 years. By using chips, Aphrodite has all the necessary information per orchid. When the orchid is ready to leave the nursery, it is first placed in a greenhouse where it can get used to the climate in which it is placed by the consumer. In order to ensure that the plant survives the transport, he receives an ethylene treatment for a week before departure. The orchid is then, as it were, 'quiet' and comes so well to the consumer.


Aphrodite is in possession of various certificates: MPS-GAP, MPS-SQ, MPS-A +. As of 1 January, the company will be in possession of MPS-ProductProof. That means that it is grown with 98% biological resources. In addition, they use a cold heat storage, which allows them to heat and cool the nursery in a sustainable way.

OZ Planten has named Aphrodite Orchidee as grower of the month due to the professional attitude and years of fine cooperation with the nursery that perfectly matches our core values. We look forward to many years of fine cooperation with this partner.

Gebr. Valstar

This month we put grower Gebr. Valstar in the spotlights, the largest Calathea grower in the world. An impressive company that consists of two locations with a total area of ​​approximately 100,000 m2.

Gebr. Valstar originates from 1978, founder Jac. Valster started the cultivation of Marantaceae in Honselersdijk.
The company has its own locations in Maasland (the head office) and Roosendaal. In addition there are partnerships in Brazil and Emmeloord.

Expedition in Brazil
Gebr. Valstar is active in breeding, propagation and production of Calathea varieties. A large number of decorative varieties have been successfully upgraded and introduced to the market. There are regular visits to the tropical rainforest in Brazil to discover new varieties of this diverse plant family. About 60 varieties are currently known, of which the Gebr. Valstar sells about 25 commercially. 

The breeding of Calathea’s is a continuous process and that has given the grower a lot of attention. Their own varieties such as the 'Greystar' and the 'Triostar' have been awarded with a Holland Award for the best innovation in plant cultivation. By maintaining the cultivation of young plants on their own locations, the quality of the plants can be optimized. The cuttings are also traded commercially. In order to guarantee exclusivity, Gebr. Valstar also own varieties that are exclusively grown.

Technical highlights
Both breeding locations are modern and designed for the cultivation of indoor plants. Automation and internal logistics have been optimized so that all employees can do their work under good conditions. The grower has 'smart' camera systems for sorting. The cameras assess the plants at height and thickness. The sorting systems then ensure that uniform selections are made. Because of this way of working, the quality and uniformity of the plants are optimal.

Sustainable production
Sustainability is also an important issue for the grower. Gebr. Valstar is constantly looking for sustainable solutions within the growing process. The Calathea is a tropical plant and therefore needs a warm environment. The grower uses residual heat from a waste processing company at the Roosendaal location. At the Maasland site, the company has been connected to geothermal heat since 2018. Together with surrounding companies, investments have been made in this, still new, form of energy. A risky investment, but it offers a great opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions. With this, they opt for a more sustainable future of Calathea cultivation in the Netherlands.
Next to that the grower purchased solar panels and they will be placed at both locations at the end of 2018. Thanks to the solar panels, they can also provide the power consumption in a sustainable way.


'Plants for the future' is the payoff of the grower of the month of August. A beautiful mission that completely fits the way of working at this Saintpaulia nursery. Vlasman is an important player, with a total area of ​​more than 30,000 m².

We are not the only ones to get a tour in the greenhouse. At the moment we enter, owner Lianne Vlasman starts to talk to a group of American tourists that have booked a guided tour. Like us they are curious about the breeding process of their Saintpaulia's. Dog Max also walks along with him and asks everyone for a pet on the head.

Years of experience
Owners Anton and Lianne Vlasman have a passion for the profession and that results in high quality Saintpaulia’s. The origin of the nursery is in De Kwakel. An uncle and aunt of Anton Vlasman had a nursery for cut flowers. Antons' father took over the company in the late 1960s and switched to the cultivation of exclusively roses. In the seventies, Anton Vlasman himself stepped into the nursery and in 1982 the switch to the cultivation of green potted plants was made. Ten years later the focus was on flowering potted plants including Saintpaulia. Because of growth they opened a new location in Mijdrecht in the year 2000. In 2005 this location was expanded considerably and the garden in De Kwakel was closed.

Top product
With the 5 million Saintpaulia's leaving the nursery every year, Vlasman is the largest nursery of the cheerful plant in the Netherlands. The biggest peak is in the spring around the holidays, but the plants are grown all year round.

The assortment of Vlasman consists of 6 types each with its own mono colour and 4 types that are multi-coloured.

The plant material is imported from Indonesia and rooted by the grower itself, after 5 to 6 weeks the cuttings are potted. Afther another 5 weeks the beautiful rosettes are formed and again, after another 5 weeks the Saintpaulia’s are ready for departure. On average, 100,000 plants leave the nursery weekly, an impressive amount!

Sales manager Luuk (photo) indicates that the strength of Vlasman is in thinking along:

"We think beyond the production process. We immerse ourselves in the consumer and think in concepts. Quality is top priority and customization is self-evident. This time requires good cooperation with all partners and in consultation almost everything is possible".

By thinking beyond just the production process and delving into the consumer and concepts, Vlasman continues to operate at the highest level.

Smart systems
Thanks to smart systems, the nursery supplies top quality continuously and thinks of the environment.

Due to the closed water system, no drop of water is wasted with the watering of the plants. Furthermore, very little use is made of chemical pesticides. In the cutting process, even a 100% biological pesticide is used.

The smart camera system sorts the plants themselves by diameter, color and number of flowers.

Another partnership to be proud of!

Van Geel Orchideeën

OZ Planten has been working with Van Geel Orchideeën from Erica for years. The pleasant cooperation led to the launch of our house brand Jennie's Choice last year. This is a beautiful orchid mix with a 'personal touch' with a unique look that changes every season.

So this is a great moment to put this fine partner in the spotlight as grower of the month of July 2018! 

From father to son (in law)
Van Geel Orchideeën is a real family business. In 1977 Rien and Ada van Geel came to the place Erica in the Northern province Drenthe. Rien specialized in the cultivation of Chrysanthemums. In the course of time, the company grew larger and in 2012, son-in-law Johan Booster and son Martijn van Geel took over the nursery.

In 2019, the company will continue to grow to a total area of ​​47,500 m2 Phalaenopsis and 50,000 m2 Chrysanthemums.

With an enthusiastic team of 35 people, they make the world a little more colourful every day.  

The assortment consists of more than 100 different varieties. This enables the grower to put together a beautiful colourful mix.

Van Geel Orchideeën is continuously working on the concept of sustainability in various areas:    

The grower gives all employees opportunities to develop within the company. People from the social workplace, man or woman, young or old, everyone is involved in the business processes and gets opportunities to develop.  

Van Geel Orchideeën is continuously busy to grow as energy-efficient as possible. An example is the placement of 2200 solar panels. Furthermore, the grower has plans to use a bio-digester, geothermal energy and other smaller energy saving options.  

Van Geel Orchideeën is busy processing less plastic in the end product together with suppliers and customers. Think of paper sleeves, cardboard label and a cardboard tray.

Several initiatives are being developed at this moment.  

Shelf life
Throughout the year, the plants are tested for shelf life by an independent party.

All plants are placed and tested without water and with limited light in transport, shop and consumer simulation. In this way, we are constantly working on a long and reliable shelf life of the plants.

Water and fertilizer
The water and fertilizer that is given to the plants is collected and reused at the chrysanthemum nursery.  

Fighting disease and pests
Van Geel Orchideeën is unique in the way they grow completely chemistry-free. Everything is controlled in a biological way.

The grower has many certificates, but goes even further than the set of standards to achieve the certifications. Because of that, Van Geel Orchideeën grows its plants without any chemistry since 2 years. An impressive achievement! 

House & Garden (WPK) - An authority with an eye for quality, innovation and sustainability

WPK was founded in the thirties by Arie van der Arend. Since 1960 the name WPK has been used. WPK stands for Westlandse Plantenkwekerij. From that time on, 7 WPK locations were established by the 4 sons and daughter of Arie van der Arend. The start of the WPK group was a fact with offices in Westland, Limburg and Belgium. Anno 2018 WPK consists of 1 company with 3 locations in the Westland and Brabant. The current management is conducted by (the third generation) Erik and Eviek van der Arend.

Three segments are important for WPK: the cultivation of warm vegetable plants for greenhouse horticulture and the cultivation of cabbage plants in trays for open field horticulture.

We know WPK mainly of the cultivation of the flowering pot plants. This section is carried out under the name House & Garden.

Unique conditions for perfect assortment
Ton Zwinkels, who has worked at WPK for 30 years, shows us around and tells us with passion about the production process in the greenhouses. Ton has been working for House & Garden since the very early beginning and is the daily contact person.

House & Garden is known for the cultivation of the following flowering pot plants of a continuous top quality:

  • Angelonia
  • Aster
  • Callistephus
  • Celosia 'Deep Purple
  • Chrysanthemum 'Fancy That'
  • Chrysanthemum 'Rosanna'
  • Platycodone Astra

The unique combination of the cultivation of vegetable plants and pot plants provides technical advantages. The type of light that is specifically meant for the vegetable plants is also perfect for growing the potplants. The plants that are grown fit perfectly in the cultivation scheme of the vegetable plants, namely between weeks 15 and 35.

Heart for sustainability
Sustainability is one of the most important spearheads within the company's policy, which can be seen in the fields of solar energy, the environment and labor. Residual heat from the nearby Amer power station is used to heat the greenhouse. And there is as little use as possible of pesticides. In the greenhouses themselves, the water IQ system is used, which ensures that water is completely clean from residues of plant protection products. A technical masterpiece!

The sustainable initiatives were reflected in the required certificates: MPS-A +, MPS-SQ, MPS-GAP and ISO-9001.

WPK will always continue to innovate to make the quality of the products even better. We are proud of the cooperation with this fine grower and we gladly put House & Garden in the spotlight for a month.

De Bonfut

Nursery De Bonfut is grower of the month of May. De Bonfut is a nursery that mainly focuses on small pot sizes of Hydrangeas. In addition, they grow Deco Chrysanthemums and Poinsettias in the fall. We visited the company in Honselersdijk. Nursery De Bonfut has been around for more than 25 years and has been led by Erik van der Valk and Henny Zwinkels since 2009. Bonfut has no less than 3.5 hectares and sells five million hydrangeas each spring. The team of ten permanent employees is supplemented with seasonal employees to absorb peak work hours. Almost all of these seasonal employees have experience with De Bonfut, so they have the appropriate knowledge that is needed for growing Hydrangeas.


In 2017, De Bonfut also received its own container field next to its greenhouses in Honselersdijk. The field is 2.3 hectares and is divided into two equal parts by means of a concrete pad. Each side receives its own nutritional recipe. One half is meant for the pink and white Hydrangeas and the other half of the field receives aluminium sulphate for the blue coloring of the Hydrangeas. The field is used from 1 July to 1 December.


The start of the Hydrangea cultivation at De Bonfut starts with cuttings that are at least one year old. The flowering of the Hydrangeas takes 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the species and the season. De Bonfut does everything by hand and does not use roller tables. Each plant is individually assessed and only the plants with the right flowering stage come from the greenhouse.


De Bonfut distinguishes itself by offering security of supply. This means that they can always offer a standard offer, with all colors and various types of Hydrangeas. The Hydrangeas are constantly monitored so that De Bonfut knows exactly what they can offer to the customer at any time.


In the field of sustainability, De Bonfut is also active, they use geothermal energy so that the use of fossil energy is minimized. In addition, De Bonfut cultivates its plants environmentally conscious and the nursery is MPS certified.

Plant Trend

Supplier of the month April 2018 is Plant Trend. Plant Trend has been working for years on designing and producing plant arrangements. We visited the company that was founded in 2001 by René van Zanten and is located in Aalsmeer, just one kilometer away from Flora Holland Aalsmeer. Plant Trend has an area of ​​18.000 square meters of business space with 85 permanent employees. There are even advanced plans for Plant Trend to build another 10.000 square meters of business space in the near future. With the extra business space larger orders can continue to be processed in a fast, quality-oriented and efficient manner.


The strength of Plant Trend is the combination of ideas, inspiration, decoration materials and plants that lead to the production of fixed lines that match the coming trends and the season. Once every two weeks they issue a leaflet containing all the packages. In addition to the Plant Trend fixed line, custom-made arrangements are also made. In order to be able to handle small customer orders optimally, Plant Trend has two points of sale in Aalsmeer and in Naaldwijk at the auction. The customers of Plant Trend include supermarkets, garden centers, florists and gas stations.


The distinctive character of Plant Trend is particularly evident in the field of originality and design. Plant Trend knows the latest trends and knows how to respond to them.



Environment-friendly production is important at Plant Trend, as is minimizing energy use and separating waste. They use an external processing company to collect their waste. For example, plastic, cardboard and residual waste is collected in separate containers and removed. Where possible, Plant Trend reuses the cardboard, plastic (trays of plants) and reuses many packaging.


Plant Trend is in possession of the MPS Florimark TraceCert certificate. This is a certificate specific to the (large) trade. Every year they receive an audit of MPS-CAS and they are checked. After approval the certificate is extended by one year. The TraceCert certificate stands for traceability and insight of the company. Although Plant Trend is not a grower and therefore does not have to deal directly with all kinds of plant protection products, they do work with the end product of the growers, the plant. All plants are purchased from certified growers (MPS-ABC and / or MPS-GAP).


That Dynaplant works with passion for plants is chrystal clear. The thousands of Zantedeschias that leave the nursery every day are cultivated with love and are of high quality. In addition to Callas, Dynaplant also deals with the seasonal cultivation of Clivia's. The grower has two locations at its disposal, with a total cultivation area of ​​5.5 hectares.

Peter Varekamp and Martin van der Lugt are the founders of the nursery and for several months son Ruben van der Lugt has also joined the management. Martin and Peter met on the sidelines of a korfball match of their children. They connected right away and soon it was decided to start a collaboration. Both, as growers of peppers and Kentia on hydroponics, already had experience in the industry. This knowledge was good to apply to the new nursery.

The start of the cultivation starts with tubers of 2 years old. The flowering of the Calla lasts an average of 12 weeks, depending on the sort and the season. Every week, different colors are stored according to a fixed schedule. Especially in the first 8 weeks a lot is sorted automatically. The purpose of this is to create continuity in height and quality. The cultivation of Calla seems like an Olympic top sport in that respect.

Dynaplant was one of the first growers who started with pot covers. The development of new pot covers is still part of the company. A lot of attention is also paid to added value. For example, ready-made items for all public holidays are available, matching the luxury, stylish and elegant Calla.

Dynaplant distinguishes itself by its continuity in high-quality plants combined with genuine customized service.

Sustainability is an important theme within the nursery. Dynaplant is in possession of the MPS A, GAP and SQ certificates and expects to be connected to the heating network of Trias Westland in 2018. Together with 48 other growers, hot water will be extracted from the Trias layer at an altitude of 4100 meters in order to heat the greenhouses in a sustainable way.

Want to see more of Dynaplant? Watch this video:


We were perhaps the most air-purifying place in the Netherlands: grower Bestplant in Poeldijk is the grower of the month of February. Bestplant produces Spathiphyllum in the larger pot sizes: 17, 19 and 24 cm from which the most plants are traded under the name Air so Pure. Patrick Zuidgeest and his business partner Laurens van Dijk, forms the management of the company.

In total, the nursery consists of 4 locations and a team of 35 employees. Bestplant in its current form started in 2010, but history goes back further. The father and grandfather of Patrick were already gardeners, after the cultivation of tomatoes they started 25 years ago with the cultivation of houseplants. Spathiphyllum has been cultivated since the first years. Over the years, the company has grown from 2.5 hectares to no less than 7.5 hectares today.

Bestplant is very experienced with the cultivation of Spathiphyllum and can therefore produce plants of a very good quality in line with the market. The grower works with fixed lines:

• Lauretta in P. 19 and 24 cm
• Vivaldi P. 17 cm
• Sebastiano P. 24 cm
• Sylvana P. 24 cm
• Sensation P. 24 cm

The cultivation period is 40 to 60 weeks. From mother plants to cuttings, 20 to 30 weeks are added. Good planning is therefore important, because for every change you are sometimes 2 years later.

In addition to the fixed lines, Bestplant also supplies Spathiphyllum Spa, an own variety of very high quality in pot size 17 cm. The Chlorophytum Green Orange is also produced in small numbers. This is a difficult crop that is completely under control at Bestplant, because it started producing it 15 years ago.

The peak is in the winter months, and especially in January. In the quieter period, Hortensia and Begonia are grown next to Spathiphyllum.


Bestplant is at the forefront of sustainability. With due pride is indicated that Bestplant is in possession of no less than 6 MPS certificates. The grower is also busy getting a footprint from Benefits of Nature. Biological resources are used as much as possible.

The activity with regard to sustainability is in the blood of the nursery. Patrick's father has been very involved in the foundation of Air so Pure and is still active as a board member despite his retirement age.

Would you like to speak to this enthusiastic grower with a clear passion for plants? From 21 to 23 February they will be present at MyPlant & Garden in Milan.

HL Hogervorst

Grower of the month January 2018 is HL Hogervorst, we visit the bulb nursery in the heart of the bulb area, Noordwijkerhout. A surprising company with a wide assortment with potted bulbs and an annual offer with added value. With two product ranges, the company provides accomplished quality offers. 

Father Harry Hogervorst started growing bulb varieties in 1967. Doing business at the auction was not such a success. That’s why HL Hogervorst started with building regular customers. Through the years, this strategy worked very well. There was even demand for cultivating for instance Hyacinthus bulbs. That means a large increase of the company.

In the following years, new bulb products were added to the range (Muscari and Crocuses). Also there was more demand for bulbs with added value. Today, Gert-Jan Hogervorst, his wife, six permanent employees and a few temporary workers are growing 8 hectares of Hyacinthus and 3,5 hectares of Narcissus.

The yearly renewal of bulbs with added value are very valuable every year. This is the ‘colormania collection’. From glasswork, until ceramic. The many colorful possibilities are available for the several consumers. Furthermore, there are particular propositions for Valentine’s Day, Fête des grands-mères and Easter. With a fitting and stylish etiquettes of Decorum, Hendrikus Leonardus Hogervorst is a selling one of the best quality bulbs you have ever seen. 

Also, HL Hogervorst offers a Home&Garden collection. This assortment is provided with four kinds of potted bulbs: Hyacinthus, Narcissus, Crocuses and Muscari. The varieties will have different cultivars. Pearl-varieties of the Hyacinthus are an excellent example which can be good in pot.  

The production in the company is good for both people and environment. The use of plant protection, energy and waste is registered and minimized. Because of this, HL Hogervorst has several MPS certifications.

OZ Planten has awarded HL Hogervorst grower of the month because of the very attractive bulb products with added value and the commitment of Gert-Jan and his team. 

De Hoef

We visit De Hoef nursery at the peak of the season. The team is working at full speed to load all Ellwoodiis, Snowwhites and other types of Chamaecyparis into one truck after another. Real tough men, because you have to stand the cold to be able to do this work: until the middle of December the work is done outdoors. 

Two brothers and a team
The nursery is run by the brothers Patrick and Arjan Veld from Schalkwijk. With a team of 10 employees, they take care of the cultivation of 2.5 million conifers per year. In particular Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Ellwoodii, Snowwhite, Toppoint, Picea Conica and Thuja Emerald are cultivated in the pot sizes 9, 10.5 and 13 centimeters. The division of tasks between the brothers is clear: Arjan is responsible for the cultivation and Patrick takes care of the business and administrative side of the company. They are integrated in such a way that they can take over each other's tasks when necessary.

Originally the Hoef is a family business. The grandparents of Patrick and Arjan were in the fruit cultivation and the next generation started with the cultivation of conifers. Arjan and Patrick have been able to further increase the cultivation so that it has now grown into a company with a cultivation area of ​​6.5 hectares.

The name 'De Hoef' sometimes causes confusion, because it is not the surname of the brothers. The explanation is that each plot in Schalkwijk has its own name. The plot on which the nursery stands is called 'de Hoef'. 

Seasonal products
Cultivation is entirely in their own hands, from cuttings to end products. The cuttings are grown in greenhouses and after 1 or 2 years it is ready for the outdoor cultivation.

Because only Christmas products are grown, the whole year revolves around the last quarter in which all trade leaves the nursery. In order to steer these exports in the right direction, the preparation is very important. That is why it is sorted in early October, so that from November onwards they can fully focus on the correct delivery of the plants.

Many conifers can also be bought snowy, for this the nursery has developed its own system. 

The future
In a preview of the future, Patrick indicates that there are plans for modernization in the form of a large warehouse to work with the large numbers of plants.

In terms of sustainability, the company is already well developed, as it is in possession of the MPS GAP and MPS A certificates.

The team of the Hoef is in full swing to make it a cozy Christmas season with their contribution to the beautiful compact varieties of conifers, with Passion for plants!


Grower Bosplant is a collaboration of three business associates: Johan van Antwerpen, father Jan and son Jelle van den Bos. The nursery has this company form since 2007. Bosplant grows eight plant varieties with a total cultivation area of about 40.000 square meters. The nursery is located in the center of the grower area, ‘s Gravenzande. Alongside Primula, Poinsettia, Helianthus, Pelargonium grandiflorum and the Lisianthus, they are specialized in the Cyclamen. 

The grower grows different plants per season to produce large amounts of products. Selling beforehand is very important to avoid purchase risks. A lot of trade is sold on contract and a few through the auction clock. The purchase starts when the sale is ready. 

The products are top-quality with retail prices. The plants are delivered to retail and DIY-stores. All the products are brought from the nursery to a transport company in Naaldwijk. This company transports the products to the next destination in the Netherlands and abroad. Through the year, about 700-800 thousand cyclamen will leave the nursery. And the Cyclaam isn’t even their main product! 

The production of the Poinsettia has a fast process. The plant material will be bought in July, and the plants will leave the nursery in October. The Poinsettias are delivered to the customers seven days a week. Even on Sunday a particular team provides the production and daily delivery. 

Cyclamen living plant of the month November

The Cyclamen is the perfect plant to counter the dark days because of the white and bright colored flowers. The plant looks tender, but is a good blooming plant which has steady roots. 

Sustainability is an important topic at Bosplant. Since October 2017, the biological way of growing is professionalized. Also the nursery is MPS-SQ and MPS-GAP certificated.

OZ Planten is a proud partner of the French Geranium (Pelargonium grandiflorum) and cyclamen of Bosplant. We are looking forward to collaborate with this partner many more years.

Raadschelders Varens

Not far away from OZ Planten, is the impressive nursery Raadschelders Varens. The biggest producer of for instance the Nephrolepis, which is created by Jan en Joke Raadschelders. The company is founded in Kudelstaart, 1982. In 1994, they opened their second location in Zevenhoven and finally they established their head office in The Kwakel. Now, the department in Kudelstaart is sold and the total surface is 55.000 square meters. At the moment the nursery is market leader in top-quality ferns with Sander and Kelly Raadschelders in the management team.

In their beginning years Raadschelders Varens had their focus on the Nephrolepis pot size 13. Many fern varieties were added through the years. This provides the buyers a wide assortment.

Raadschelders Varens grows 12 fern varieties in different pot sizes. The Nephrolepis is by far the best selling plant. The most important for the grower is optimum quality to serve the customer so good as possible.

One of the unique values of the nursery Raadschelders Varens is that they respond to the changes in the market. As a result, computerization. For example, there are automatic containers, which provide the whole sorting system. Also the cogeneration is very automatized, it is the simultaneous production of electricity and heat, both of which are used. It increased the efficiency of energy conversion and use.

At first, the plants are potted in different pot sizes before are they are placed in the greenhouses. Here, a thousand plants get the space and time (16-52 weeks) to grow into a mature plant. Because of the changing customer need, they made some change in the production. They improved their productivity by customizing their work.

Air So Pure

Air So Pure consists of a group of plants whose health benefits have been scientifically proven. The Nephrolepis, Phlebodium, Didimochlaena, Dryopteris, Microsorum and the Blechnum of Raadschelders Varens belong to that group. The presence of these plants that purify the air in your office or home creates a healthier and more comfortable space around you and there more well-being and productivity and less illness. The NASA research showed that several plants in particular could convert CO2 into oxygen more effectively. Air So Pure is an attractive brand, supported by her presentation and promotion material in the right language and lay-out. It anticipates on the customer need of green and a healthy lifestyle.

Kwekerij de Groot

Kwekerij de Groot is a real family business with founder Joop de Groot. In 1963 Joop moved from Utrecht to Langeweg to start a tomato and cucumber nursery. After a few years his son Jan began next to the nursery of his father and took over the whole nursery in 1976. By that time, more potted plants were grown. Since 1986, the nursery has completely gone over to the production of solely houseplants.

On a total area of ​​13.4 hectares, divided between three separate farms, approximately 9 million plants are grown annually. In total, the team consists of about 25 permanent employees, with Joost, Niels and Leon de Groot at the head of the company.

Unique to the nursery is the wide range of plants. The three main products of the nursery are dieffenbachia, alocasia and ficus, with additionally twenty different cultivars. These products are delivered year round. All products are available in a variety of variants, pot sizes or steel lengths.

In addition to the regular houseplants range, we are cultivating spring bedding.

Customized work is central to the nursery, standard pots, ceramic pots, wooden vases or mixtures that are tailored to the needs of the customers with or without labels, trays, trolleys or entire trailers - due to the well-organized business process almost everything is possible.

De Groot is completely aware of the fact that the consumer wants to be surprised. De Groot offers unique concepts which they have developed themselves. They came to the great concepts by thinking out-of-the-box and utilizing ideas from the entire team.

Two examples of these surprising specials from the grower:

- Fairy tale tree: In collaboration with the Dutch theme park the Efteling this ficus has been invented. The plant combines the magic of the fairytale world with the enchantment of real green.

- Coffea concept: A coffee plant in gift box with its own logo. The can is supplemented with coffee beans and a coffee cup. This product is a complete product and for consumers an attractive and innovative concept.

The secret of the top quality of the plants lies in the entire production process. Already from the cuttings that are delivered it is noted that top quality is delivered. The grower watches that cuttings are only taken from leading suppliers. This guarantees a good base.

In 2003 a completely new company was built, using innovative technologies. For example, the cultivation tables are automatically moved by robotic trains, and sorting is performed by sorting robots.

With a number of beautiful initiatives, the nursery is also busy with sustainability. This is how the nursery generates its own energy, the heat and CO2 are used in the greenhouses. With the residual current, the nursery supplies 1750 households with energy. These and other measures are rewarded with MPS SQ, GAP and A certificates.


Nursery OVATA is one in a million, whoever sees the location, sees the unique and stylish appearance of the building upon arrival. The architect of this building won the award for 'Building of the Year' in 2008.

The man behind OVATA is Hans Ammerlaan. In 1974 he started growing and searching succulents as a hobby. As a 7 year old, he received a few Crassula ovata cuttings from a grower and from that moment his passion for propagating and cultivating succulents began.

Hans could expand his hobby into the greenhouse of his father (he had a cutflower nursery). After completing the secondary horticultural school, he made his hobby into his profession. On July 1st, 1987 he began his own company 'Plantenkwekerij Hans Ammerlaan', with an area of ​​4,000 square meters. Nowadays, the company is called OVATA and has been grown to a 72,000 m² company with a team of 25 permanent employees and is currently expanding with another 30,000 m².

In addition to Crassula, the nursery grows several succulent families such as Aloe, Gasteria, Haworthia, Pachyphytum and Echeveria. The mainly grown potsizes are 5,5 cm XXL and 12 cm. The succulents are from a high quality and a large assortment are own varieties, such as their own brand ‘pure succulents’.  

OVATA is very advanced in the field of sustainable cultivation. The nursery has a positive CO² footprint, i.e. there is no CO² emission and there is no gas consumption. Residual heat is used. In addition, the grow-pot is made from 100% recycled material and the nursery is certified with MPS A +, MPS GAP and MPS SQ.
The nursery maximizes the use of biological pesticides and does not use neonicotinoids.

The nursery lasts for 30 years this year and, when asked by Hans Ammerlaan, what is the secret of OVATA's success, he says immediately, "We have a very strong culture, we do business with pleasure, so with great passion for the cultivation and focus on the customer, but also with room for fun."

What the typical OVATA culture also features is the care for others, especially the "Because We Care" project, helping women in Uganda to lighten their pain caused by lips and ears being cut during the last war. For this project OVATA donated plant material for 1500 Aloe Vera plants in 2012 and still controls the distribution for the plants. From the cuttings a field has been created, the maintenance is also financed by OVATA. Every woman gets cuttings from this field to re-establish their own field. The gel in the Aloe Vera has a pain relieving effect, the women are taught to make an ointment of the gel.

Want to take a look at the beautiful location of OVATA? Check out this video:

Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants

Vreugdenhil was found in 1938 by Jochem Vreugdenhil Sr. He grew different types of vegetables, grapes and tulips and was one of the first to start cultivating amaryllis in the 60's.
At this moment, the company is run by his son Leen Vreugdenhil and his grandsons Jochem and Wouter Vreugdenhil. Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants is one of the larger companies of its kind with approximately 160,000 m2 glass on five locations in Westland. In one location bulb production takes place and on the other four farms the potted plants are grown.

Since 2010, the grower also has a cooperation with growers of bulbs in Southern Africa. Here, exclusively amaryllis bulbs are grown for the global sales of their pot production and dry sales.

Vreugdenhil is market leader in hippeastrum. The No Water Flowers® are a daunting success in the winter months. These handmade bulbs are in a package of wax and are especially selected for their quality. The bulb has enough energy to grow the flower. The idea was brought up by Greencre8 and co-produced with Vreugdenhil Bulbs in 2012. The point of departure for the development was to produce an easy to care but stylish product. The nursery is constantly looking at developments to surprise consumers, the focus on quality and customer needs has been the focus of the family business since the beginning.

Besides the amaryllis bulbs, Vreugdenhil cultivates zantedeschia on pot, ornithogalum, canna, echeveria setosa and various other items.

Sustainability is paramount at Vreugdenhil. Biological resources are used to combat and / or avoid diseases and lice. In addition, 1200 m2 LED lighting has recently been installed, which means that the grower is in a test phase and intends to extend the led lighting to a larger area. The durable measures of Vreugdenhil are currently labeled with the MPS SQ certificate.

The nursery is a member of Decorum, the growers' association that combines the forces of dozens of quality-selected growers.

OZ Planten is very pleased with her partnership with Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants, due to the focus on cultivation of high-quality plants, the nursery has been a good sparring partner for years.

Kwekerij Roest

Grower of the month June 2017 is Ronald Roest, we visit his versatile nursery in Vierpolders, in the province of Zeeland.

Kwekerij Roest has different offers every season, so each season is unique with its own products and related activities. It’s for a good reason that, "Color your season" is their matching slogan.
The nursery covers an area of ​​12 hectares, with a greenhouse where the cuttings are placed.

Kwekerij Roest is a real family business, now under the leadership of the third generation of the family Roest. The company started as a mixed farm with livestock and agriculture. Since the mid-1980s, plants have also started shrubs for cutflower purposes and hydrangea’s (Roest was one of the first to begin with hydrangea’s). Since the 1990s the focus was on the cultivation of plants, which became increasingly extensive. In 2006 there has been a widening of varieties.

From March, Ronald Roest begins with the cultivation of Primula and Akelei, followed by Lupine, Delphinium and Salvia. For a number of months, the nursery became part of Addenda, the association for which Roest grows Hebe.

Lupines are the most cultivated species of all cultivated plants. Lupines are, like the most plants, grown from seed. The seed is grown in four stages in August, September, October and also one party in March. Partially outside, and partly in the greenhouse. In winter, the plants are cut to grow well later. With the growth they can go outside, the grower gives the plants a lot of space so that they get a nice thick plant. From the beginning of May, Lupine is available in 3 pot sizes.

In summer, Hebe's production is supplemented with Echinacea and Lavender. From the beginning of September, Roest opens its own regional store with over 120 types of pumpkins and pumpkin delicacies from their own kitchen. During the pumpking season, various activities will be organized, such as the pumpkin fair in the first weekend of September. 5,000 to 6,000 people visit the fair each year, where they can buy 120 pumpkins varieties and stuff from the local market of about 60 stalls. The pumpkin season continues until Halloween, on October 31st.

In mid-October, the grower supplies forsythia which is available from Christmas. So far only in pot size 19 and pot size 23, but next year it is also available in pot 26.

A nice fact is that the breeder grows willows for animal farm Blijdorp, every week there will be a bus from the zoo to the nursery to pick up branches. The giraffes, elephants, rhinos, camels and the famous Bokito gorilla enjoy plenty of the branches.

Ten Have Plant

The brothers Rob, Dion and Vincent Ten Have own the beautiful Campanula nursery Ten Have Plant in Honselersdijk. A real family business, with the 3 brothers complementing each other well.

The nursery has traditionally been a family business, originated in 1920, which has grown a lot of different products all over the years: from lettuce and potatoes to roses. The cultivation of Campanula's has always been a specialization of Ten Have Plant, and since the late 1980's the focus has been on this beautiful 'indoor-outdoor' plant. Campanula is a seasonal product that is mainly bought in spring and summer, so in the autumn and winter cyclamen are grown at Ten Have Plant.

The total area of ​​cultivation of the company is 4 hectares, and around 2,700,000 Campanula’s leave the nursery on an annual basis. To lead this great production, Ten Have Plant has a state of the art WPS Plant Order System. A totally robotized system whereby the plants are selected by width and height via a chip.
The nursery has a continuous digital system that connects from the cuttings till the transport to the customer. This system is entirely managed, because Brother Dion Ten Have has programmed the whole system.

The nursery is unique in its 'one-stop-shopping' concept, customers can go for a very wide assortment (7 types of Campanula's), which are all of their own cultivated plants. The brothers also work together with a pot supplier, which enables them to deliver a total concept of Campanula.

You would say that with three brothers disagreements will appear eventually, but nothing could be further from the truth. Rob: "None of us three are hotheads, if there should be some kind of a disagreement, we can always work it out. And if we can’t, we’ll let it rest for a while and sort it out later." Perhaps the smooth cooperation with each other is caused by the mutual division of tasks. The three brothers all have their own role in the company, Dion focuses mainly on cultivation and programming, Vincent on sales and Rob on the financial aspect.

Sustainability is an important part of business operations. The Campanula is grown in an environmentally friendly manner. By using geothermal heat, fossil energy is used as little as possible. Electricity is generated by a CHP installation, using the residual heat for cultivation. These and many other sustainable initatives within the nursery are reflected in the certificates that Ten Have Plant has: MPS A+, MPS Florimark Production, MPS GAP, MPS Quality en MPS SQ: Social Quality.

The 3 brothers continue to look forward and develop. In the coming years, they will focus on more LED lighting in the nursery, as well as the plan to bring an improved type of Campanula to the market next year.

OZ Planten is proud of her partnership with this beautiful nursery and looks forward to many years of fine cooperation with the 3 brothers Ten Have.

Bremmer boomkwekerijen

‘Bremmer boomkwekerijen’ is grower of the month April. The nursery is a real family business whose roots go back to Hazerswoude in the year 1929. Founder Cor Bremmer began that year with growing roses. In the 60s, his son Paul started his own company in Waddinxveen. His brothers Piet and Jaap also bought land in Waddinxveen in the 70s and continue the family business. They are one of the first farmers who cultivated in pots and were pioneers in container cultivation. Around the turn of the century, the next generation had been introduced and in 2006 the two nurseries ‘C. Bremmer’ and ‘P. Bremmer’ merged and became what it is today, with the cousins ​​Cornelis and Paul Bremmer at the head of the organization.

In the past 10 years the grower has been specializing in conifers. The company has two locations in Waddinxveen where one company exclusively grows conifers in 3-liter pots, and the other company mainly grows hedge conifers and 5-liter pots. The total area is 10 hectares where they work with a tight team of about 30 employees.

The nursery is unique in offering a large variety of conifers, mainly because the plants are grown on a large scale. Besides the most common range of conifers in various pot sizes, the grower provides year round rarities such as the giant sequoia and hose oaths, bred products and seedlings.

The start of the growing process of the regular varieties starts at the seedling breeders. They propagate the plants by seeding, cutting or grafting and will deliver the seedlings. These seedlings will be pruned in the winter and stored in the refrigerator at a-2ºC temperature.

The conifers will be at the nursery for 1 to 2 years in a 3 liter or 5-liter jar before they are ready to be sold. The hedge conifer taxus is one of the most produced conifers at the nursery, and Bremmer is known for the high quality of these plants. Cultivation in pot is a very delicate process that Bremmer has mastered well.

The plants are sprayed with rainwater that is stored in large tanks. In case of drought groundwater is used that is purified by reverse osmosis. Bremmer has two modern facilities available for the watering process, most of the time the plants will be watered at night.
The container fields consist of a water-permeable upper cloth (mypex) including a layer of 10 cm lava rock for water drainage. Under the lava rocks is foil with drain slots. In this way, residues of plant protection products and fertilizers are collected and recycled.

OZ Planten has named Bremmer grower of the month because of the good cooperation and the reliability of this fine partner.

Bromelia Specialist

The bromelia is houseplant of the month March, a good time to highlight the largest bromeliad supplier and long-term partner from OZ Planten: Bromelia Specialist. Bromelia Specialist has a market share in turnover of 48% in Europe and is one of the largest providers of bromeliads.
Bromelia Specialist is the umbrella organisation of marketing and sales for four nurseries: LKP Plants, Bunnik Vriesea's (photos), Tobias Bromeliads and La Pura Vida. Each nursery specializes in growing various types of bromeliads, thus the organisation can deliver a wide range of different varieties. Together they provide a production of 9 million bromelias annually. Siegfried Bunnik (photo) and Wim Koolhaas (LKP Plants) form the management since 2009 of Bromelia Specialist.

The strength of Bromelia Specialist is the broad range that the company can supply. The range consists of many types of guzmania, vriesea, tillandsia, aechmea, ananas, neoregelia and other lesser-known varieties such as tillandsia usneoides, nidularium, billbergia, cryptyantus and vriesea multiflora.

The starting point for the Bromelia Specialist is to produce market-oriented, each season has its own needs and that goes for every customer as well. With the end customer in mind, the Bromelia Specialist finds suitable offers on the basis of six lifestyle groups. (Cupcake Colors, Green Rituals, Modern Mind, Sweet Romance, Urban Industry and Classic Coziness).

Bromelia Specialist can provide plants with added value year round. This is often with their own pots. Bromelia is perfectly suitable for added value because of its bright colours. In a suitable pot a bromeliad quickly stands out on the shelf.

The grower has high standards for its cultivation in order to provide the same high-quality year round. Through modern technology, much attention is paid to the culture process. The spaces in the nurseries are used optimally. Each plant changes three times to another table and in total it takes about one year and 16 weeks before the plant is ready for sale. The growth process takes approximately 1 year, and 16 weeks are needed to develop the beautiful characteristic flowers by means of ethylene.

Bromelia Specialist has a number of its own cultivars and is constantly developing new varieties with their partners. Before the grower decides to produce a new cultivar on large scale the plant must meet 4 conditions:

- The plant should fit well in cultivation.
- The plant must have a long shelf life.
- The plant must have strong, full colours.
- The plant must be able to positively surprise consumers.

Through this rigorous selection the process can take years before there will be a new cultivar on the market.

Want to learn more about Bromelia Specialist? Check out the website with many inspiring videos about the six lifestyle groups.

RM Plants

RM Plants is a young nursery in Amstelveen, with 3 ha area. The nursery has since the beginning in 2011 been through an explosive growth and offers a wide variety of garden and indoor plants. Many plants are originally from around the Mediterranean, such as olive, citrus, callistemon and bougainvillea. But there are plants imported and cultivated in Asia and Central America as well. For example the living plant of the month, exclusive palm species as the cycas and Rhapis.

Rémi van Adrichem, R of the name RM Plants, owns the nursery. He grew up in the nursery and has been around the world of plants all his working life. Van Adrichem runs the nursery on a daily basis together with Mauro Brenna M from the name RM Plants. They have been working together for over 25 years and started RM Plants on January 1, 2011. After more than six years, the RM team consists of 20 skilled staff members to make sure everything runs smoothly.

The strength of the grower is in the diversity of the plants that can be delivered by RM Plants, in every month of the year there is something ready to buy. On December 1, 2014, the company moved into the newly built nursery which is completely adapted to the RM Plants process. The nursery is equipped with four separate climate zones in terms of light, temperature and humidity that can be controlled separately, so the best possible way for each product. For those wondering how that looks from the inside, this 360-degree tour can shows you the nursery from inside.
The plants are watered by an automatic ebb and flow system. This is a unique drainage system with pump, the pump provides the required water level so that the plants can suck up the water out of the soil through the pot. Excess water will be removed after a certain period of time that is set by the grower.

The modern nursery focuses its production on sustainability and is therefore in possession of MPSA, MPS-SQ and MPS Global.

Learn more about RM Plants in this video.

De Amstel

Nursery De Amstel B.V. is specialized in growing tropical plants. De Amstel currently has two greenhouses – one in De Kwakel and one in Nieuwveen - with a total cultivation area of ​​about 5.5 hectares. The nursery is a real family business, Huub van Diemen started in 1969 with the nursery and is still co-owner.

The facility in De Kwakel focuses on the production of various exotic potted plants, and the nursery in Nieuwveen focuses on the cultivation of ficusses and zamioculcas. Who enters the nursery in the Kwakel walks straight into a 'jungle' of many kinds of plants in various pot sizes.

with a team of 20 people, the company is kept running.

The nursery started in Nieuwveen in 1969 with the cultivation of fresia, iris, carnations and roses afterwards. The grower didn’t found the suitable for roses so he decided to start growing ficusses. This expanded in all the years into a nice mix of quality tropical plants.
The varied selection of tropical plants consists of ficus and Aglaonema, but also the cultivation of zamioculcas, beaucarnea, yucca, sansevieria, schefflera and crotons. All plants are available in different variations, heights and pot sizes.

Ficus benjamina
Living plant of the month January is ficus benjamina. Of all the plants, ficus is the most cultivated plant at De Amstel. The cuttings of ficus benjamina are imported from Central America. If the cuttings arrive at the nursery, they are being cut and rooted, that takes about 3 weeks. After that period, the plants get a stick and bindings. It takes approximately 9 months before the ficus reaches a height of 90 cm.

The ficus is a plant with many forms: trees, shrubs, climbing and hanging plants, evergreens and deciduous. The types used as houseplants are mainly imported from South and Southeast Asia, Australia and several parts of Africa.
With his leathery leaves ficus is an easy plant to care for. Ficus adheres best at a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius.

Nursery De Amstel is nationally and internationally renowned for the cultivation of Ficus: from young plants to giants of 6 meters. She owes this leading role especially on the broad assortment of the ficus range, which consists of a series of ficus varieties in numerous sizes and forms such as, pyramids, different tribes and matt, screen and tube forms.
The most important for grower De Amstel is delivering optimum quality and service. The quality is guaranteed by the use of quality standards (for example the MPS-A certificate).

Van der Voort Potplanten

In December, we proudly present Van der Voort as grower of the month. The nursery in Honselersdijk is specialized in the production of Spathiphyllum, Azalea and Ludisia. With their four locations and 8 hectares the grower is capable of a production of 10 million plants per year, which are about 200,000 plants per week. Van der Voort is thus the largest Spathiphyllum nursery of the world.

Van der Voort is a family company, the nursery now exists more than 40 years with Chris van der Voort as founder. His son Olaf took over from his father Chris, but Chris is still almost found daily in the nursery.

Through the years, van der Voort cultivated various types of potted plants. Spathiphyllum from the beginning, and Ludisia is now grown over 20 years. Azaleas are fairly new to the nursery, they are grown since 2015 at van der Voort.

Van der Voort is a special grower, because the company also takes care of the breeding and propagation of the plants. That's pretty unique in the horticulture industry. This process takes place in the Netherlands and at their own breeding company in Tanzania.

Because Azalea is living plant of the month, we zoom a little further into this plant. Van der Voort grows as almost the only Dutchman Azaleas, which are grown in general in Belgium. De pre-production of the Azaleas of Van der Voort takes place in Belgium as well. After the pre-production the Azalea’s will grow further in the nursery in Honselersdijk. The advantage of the nursery in the Netherlands is the location, the plants are quickly at the right place in Westland and around Aalsmeer.

The nursery started cultivating Azaleas when Azalea grower Maurice van der Meer had to stop due to economic reasons. Van der Voort could continue the grow of the Azalea’s at that time, including Maurice van der Meer himself who is still in charge of the whole growing process of the Azaleas.

During the visit sales manager Mark van Dijk announced that they will start with growing garden Azaleas in the nursery. The variety that will be cultivated is evergreen and hardy, so that customers can enjoy the flowering of the plant for a long time. The first party is expected to be delivered in February 2017

We will keep you informed of this beautiful development.

De Hoog Orchids

De Hoog Orchids
In the month of November special orchids are plant of the month. Partly for this reason, we went to visit one of the largest growers of Dendrobium nobile in the Netherlands: De Hoog Orchids.
The family business grows Dendrobium since 1990 and has in recent years grown into an organization with more than 50,000 m2 of production space divided between two modern and sustainable locations in Delfgauw and Pijnacker. Mark and Arjan De Hoog took over the company in 2007 from their father Nico and are still running the nursery.

 Wide range of products
The range consists of many different types of Dendrobium nobile, which makes the nursery special. Because of specialization, expertise and passion De Hoog Orchids is able to deliver a wide color range from high-quality: from white with yellow / green heart to a dark purple with red / yellow heart. The wide range ensures that customers can get year-round beautiful mixed plants, wherein each kind of the plant has the same super quality.

De Hoog Orchids has recently launched its own brand: Florallure Sublime Orchids, excluding cultivated and supplied by the High Orchids. This collection consists of only the highest quality Dendrobium nobile's available in different colors. The labels, pot covers and tray tires are all designed to enhance the experience of the brand and thus provide added value.

LED lighting: unique technique in horticulture sector
The state of the art cold store with sustainable LED lighting is a unique technique used little in nurseries. The plants are cooled with LED lighting, this ensures the lowest possible energy consumption, but also the best bud occupation.

Eye for the environment
Sustainability is top priority at De Hoog Orchids. In all steps of the production process the nursery fits the most environmentally friendly way possible to work. Read this impressive list of sustainable initiatives of the nursery:

- There is built a cold store in which the grower can cool three layers of plants for the budding. Between the layers LED lighting is mounted for a better utilization of the plant bud. Because LED lighting causes just a little heat emission, there is only a little energy required to achieve the desired cooling temperature.
- CO2 emissions are reduced by the use of heat and cold sources, a heat pump and heat and power connection.
- At the nursery pests and diseases are as much as possible organically contested.
- De Hoog Orchids is rewarded with MPS-A + and MPS-GAP certificates for its sustainable activities.
- The CO2 which is required for the growth process is a waste product of Shell in the refining process and is transported via the OCAP conduit to the nursery.

OZ Planten is proud to work together with the men of De Hoog Orchids, the passion for their work is reflected in the beautiful Dendrobium nobile plants.


Colored by nature - the slogan adorns the rear and on the JoGrow website. As we enter the nursery in Kwintsheul, we are surprised by a palette of colors, something you don’t immediately expect at a grower of green indoor plants. At JoGrow they therefore prefer to speak of ‘tropical green plants’ with their roots in Costa Rica this is a title that fits the plants.

Choose for cultivars
Eight years ago, director John Grootscholten faced a dilemma: to choose for scaling or for assortment. He chose the latter. Maik Duindam, sales manager: 'Particular species and cultivars are our specialty. We aim to distinguish ourselves in the industry, and answer to the wishes of the florist who wants to differentiate, just like us. Everything can be ordered per tray and we are able to add value to every of our products.’ At JoGrow you won’t find flat-belt conveyors, everything is by hand and customized. With pot sizes ranging from 5.5 to 40 centimeters it can hardly be otherwise. Quality comes first; JoGrow is affiliated with Decorum, the marketing and sales organization of 76 leading plant and flower growers in the Netherlands. Maik is clear: ‘Both the customer and the final consumer should be happy, so we have to be convinced about every product that we supply. We rather sell ‘no’ than deliver a mediocre product.'

Easy luck
The plants grown in JoGrow are divided into five main groups: Aglaonema, Schefflera, Croton, Dracaena and Polyscias. In addition the grower grows Hydrangea during spring and summer. The most characteristic of these six is ​​the Aglaonema (living plant of the month of October). The plant has become exclusive, because the number of growers of the product is decreased. At JoGrow you'll find a wide assortment Aglaonema. 'In the past you would find this so-called 'Easy Happiness' plant as interior landscaping in offices, and nowadays consumers discover this colorful and low-maintenance houseplant.’
The diverse product range, quality assurance and flexibility makes JoGrow a good partner.

Have a look in the greenhouses of JoGrow. 


Grower Hillplant has been specializing in the cultivation of hanging plants for more than 30 years. As hanging plants are plant of the month of September we chose to take a look at Hillplant. The nursery is a real family business, the brothers John and Chris van den Heuvel are directly involved in the whole process on a daily basis, and they are assisted by various family members and a very loyal team of employees. The nursery is located at the foot of the Merwedebrug in Gorinchem. There is enough room for continuous expansion of greenhouses and container fields. In 1984 the nursery started as ‘Kwekerij van den Heuvel’ (Heuvel means hill in Dutch), with 3,000 m² of greenhouses. From the beginning Tradescantia's formed an important segment of the cultivation. Meanwhile, the nursery has 40,000 m² of greenhouses at its disposal and there is a range of more than 60 species. The growth of the company is mainly based on range. That means not more of the same plant, but the widest possible range of plants.

In addition to houseplants, Hillplant also grows seasonal bedding plants in pots and hanging baskets. The range of bedding plants is still expanding, partly by Hillplant self and partly by external breeders. Their own plants are cuttings by means of a 'moerenselection'.

The cultivation of Hillplant consists of ferns, Hedera, Rhipsalis, Scindapsus, Chlorophytum's Asparagus and Aeschynanthus. Most species are green plants, but there are also flowering hanging plants as the Aeschynanthus. From the processing of the Aeschynanthus the nursery developed beautiful new species, known by the names Bicolore Bolero, Mambo, Rumba and Pink Polka. The cutting from the ferns comes from the first crop of Vitro Plus, a renowned and specialized company in the ferns culture (everything is meristem culture).

Hanging plants trend
In recent years, hanging plants became trendy again, you see them weekly in many leaflets and TV-shows and also in interior landscaping, but actually they never really left. Hillplant is happy that now even the young generation chooses to buy hanging plants. The plants can be used in a high pot, in a modern hanger or as a wall covering. Hanging plants are very strong and ensure longevity. Another advantage is that many of the plants have an air purifying effect and serve as natural air freshener.

Hillplant has been MPS-A certified since many years. MPS-A is a hallmark of how a grower handles fertilizer, pesticides, energy and waste.

"Our plant control is done almost entirely by biological means. This means in simple terms that we use "good" bugs to combat "harmful" bugs. This is very durable and of course good for people and the environment."

Currently Hillplant is working hard to achieve the MPS-GAP status. MPS-GAP is an extension of MPS-A and focuses among other things like on procedures for social policy on staff and maintenance of equipment.

As a member of Decorum Plants the nursery pursues to a wide range of flowering and green potted plants with the highest quality. Through the cooperation of progressive pot plant growers, exporters and wholesalers communication lines remain short between the different links from producer to consumer.

Bunnik Plants

A visit to the grower of the month Bunnik Plants is impressive. The pot plant grower has been a household name and has undergone tremendous growth in recent years. The grower currently has five branches spread over 25 hectares. With over 150 employees they deliver an average of 600,000 plants per week.


Green houseplants are the basis of the grower and is by far the most important product line. This Gorgeous Green product line includes Aloe Vera, Tradescantia, Cyperus Zumula, Dracaena, Nephrolepis, Ficus and Livistona.

Other product lines include flowering plants, innovations from Asia and Central America and seasonal plants. In addition to their product line of plants, the Fancy Finish line offers a wide selection of ceramic, ground covers and labels. With this line the grower is able to offer a complete product.


Green Events Centre

The pretty Green Events Centre near the main location is a permanent exhibition of 900 m2 where exporters, retailers and wholesalers can go to for inspiration. All trends in plants, tags, labels, pouches, bags, jars and total concepts are available there.


Eye for the environment

Bunnik Plants is very involved in contributing to a better world. The grower supports social initiatives and is always looking for sustainable solutions. Some examples are:


- Solar panels. The 7650 panels provide a generating capacity of 1.8 megawatts.

- CO2. Bunnik Plants uses CO2 from the Rotterdam port area through a large pipe. Thus the grower doesn’t have to heat during the summer and at the same time the industry reduces its CO2 emissions.

- Sustainable packaging. Bunnik Plants has introduced a new sustainable packaging line. In addition to wood and cardboard labels the line consists of an eco friendly slipcover made from FSC-certified paper along with recyclable plastic.

Watch this video to see how Bunnik Plants is working on a sustainable environment. 

Nolina Kwekerijen

July is a summer month in which roses and especially outdoor roses play an important role in our branch. Actually that’s why OZ Planten wants to name Nolina Kwekerijen as the most important supplier in quality roses as “Grower of the Month “.

Nolina Kwekerijen is leading in the production of pot grown indoor and outdoor roses. Nolina breeds roses for over 25 years.

The pot roses are produced  annual in three different collections:  PARADE in 10.5 cm pot   PATIO HIT in 13 cm pot  and  PALACE in 17 cm pot.

The broad range of assortment in outdoor roses Nolina produces contains a range of shrub roses and different series from big flowering roses, roses with a perfume, climbing roses and roses on stem.

Nolina also produces special Clematis varieties and Wisteria “Amethyst Falls”.

The roses, breaded in the glasshouses the entire year and the outdoor roses and miscellaneous garden plants  have been breaded in such called “closed” nursery  systems. Integrated plant protection is adapted; that means Nolina tries to use biological plant protection as much as possible.

In this way Nolina is able to produce the best quality roses with maximum attention for the environment.

For what concerns the pot roses, the outdoor roses and Clematis, there is a cooperation with the Danish Company named : Poulsen Roser A/S to improve assortment and quality continuously.

A lot of attention is paid on technical and breeding technical developments;  this way, the highest quality can be realized in the most accurate way and

OZ Planten can be delivered with a maximum service.

The Variety Patio Hit IMOLA is in production now for 6 months.

We produce the Patio Hit Imola exclusively for our steady customers as OZ Planten. 

Duijnplant - At the base of the trendy Zamioculcas

In 1992 Duijnplant started with the Central American origin Yucca. In 1995 the company has taken the step to cultivate Zamioculcas. Being the first to grow this crop, DuijnPlant initiated a new popular plant in the assortment of green house plants. Nowadays the Zamioculcas is a highly appreciated and trendy product.

At the nursery in Honselersdijk all Zamioculcas in various  pot sizes are grown. From cutting to turnkey plant, ready for the living room. 500,000 plants are produced here on annual basis. Zamioculcas is very easy to care for. This has been a major reason for the increasing interest in this plant.

At the establishment of Duijnplant in De Lier, Livistona and Cordyline are grown. The Livistona comes from Sri Lanka and the Cordyline originates from Brazil. With  these two beautiful plants you can experience the jungle in your own living room.
The Cordyline has  5 different leaf colors. They each have their own name: Cordyline Kiwi, Rumba, Tango, Mambo, and Geraldo.

During the cultivation of all this beauty there is attention for the interests of mother nature: Duijnplant  is growing her plants environmentally conscious. As a result, the nursery  obtained the MPS-A certificate: the best environmental class that can be achieved in the horticultural industry. This certificate is issued by the Floriculture Environmental Programme (MPS).

Plant nursery Duijn is part of Decorum growers. This is a group of  40 growers representing a major assortment houseplants.  All have quality as its highest priority.

Kwekerij Atlantis

Kwekerij Atlantis is a specialized nursery with a diverse range of Medinilla and Vitis.

Kwekerij Atlantis was founded by Rob Scheffers in 1982. Rob and Marjolein (father and daughter) have the daily management. In 1989 Rob started growing the Medinilla. Rob's father brought the Medinilla cultivation to the Netherlands and was the pioneer in growing the Medinilla's. The Medinilla has also conquered the heart of Rob and Marjolein and they have started to specialize further in this plant.

The Medinilla is a wonderful and surprising product. Only a very few people know how easy it is to take care of Medinilla. If the plant has a pitch with plenty of sunlight and gets moderate water, you can enjoy months of her flowers. In addition, there are only a few plants that have such graceful and striking flower (clusters) as the Medinilla.

Kwekerij Atlantis has focused over the years on the Medinilla. It has two companies with a total of 3 hectares of greenhouses. On the main site  9 employs strive every day to deliver the best quality Medinilla's. On the other location one employee takes care of Vitis.

In 2003 kwekerij Atlantis pioneered the breeding of Medinilla. The aim is to increase diversity in the Medinilla and / or improve the sustainability of Medinilla. An example of our breeding is the Medinilla Dolce Vita. A plant that has a longer shelf life and easier to care. In addition, this variant has larger flower clusters. Currently, there are several tests with a dark pink Medinilla (Romance) and a more compact form (Candy).

When new species are available, OZ Planten is approached as one of the first exporters to offer these types to its customers.

At kwekerij Atlantis quality of Medinilla is given a very high priority. When you go for quality, you can choose from the brands Decorum or J'adore. For the plants we supply under these labels, we only count the buttons on the 2nd floor. This has the advantage that the buttons flowering out nicely and that the plant structure is more constant. In addition, at the J'adore and Decorum labels extra attention is paid to the purity of the leaves and the proportions of the plant. With J'adore and Decorum, Kwekerij Atlantis focuses on the upper segment and it provides a clear added value and distinctive product!

Smit Kwekerijen

Smit Growers is a specialized pot grower with a wide range of exotic plants. In the month of April Smit Growers is the breeder of the month at OZ Planten. The great diversity of the assortment of Smit is collected with care and picked at locations around the world. The company is located in the north of the Netherlands, in the city of Sappemeer. With more than 140,000 m2 and 150 employees, Smit nurseries is one of the leading Growers in Europe!

Since the beginning of the company, more than twenty-five years ago, they continuously introduced 'new' successful green houseplants. In this area Smit Growers has a reputation, this is why their plant hunter goes several times a year around the world looking for new, unfamiliar plants or interesting varieties of existing plants. The results of his travels are the breeding ground for the company.

Between a seed or yearlings of 'wild green' and a plant that indoors feels at home, is usually a period of several years. They include only a plant to their collection as it is distinctive in color and shape or a better version of an existing plant.

In the early stage of development, we try to create with a variety of ingredients (soil composition, water, light etc.) to create the most ideal conditions for the plant. If we know the best way to start the growth of the plant, we start with the multiplication. Among computer-controlled climatic conditions we grow efficient and environmentally conscious in order to meet the expectations of our customers.

Also Smit Growers is leader in green houseplants segment. The innovative nature, the continuous development and introduction of new and successful plants there is a growing and extensive range arise under the label 'Eden Collection'. Eden Collection meets the high demands made by exporters and consumers. More than 90 percent of total sales sold in the daily trade in both Dutch and foreign customers. The slogan of Eden Collection is '' Discover the world, bring Eden Collection in your home "

This slogan demonstrates the essence of Eden Collection. Because who does not like to see the world? And who can resist the beauty of nature? Smit Nurseries, the sheer beauty of the plants combined with ease care of the plants, which resulted in a unique collection of plants from all parts of the world. Eden Collection brings all 'scents and sights' of distant countries in your house! By the quality and diversity, OZ Plants is always curious about the products of Smit Growers in the future.


Grower Richplant is located since 1998 at the Grote Achterweg 6a in Naaldwijk. The company is run by the owners Richard and Ellen Scheffers. Together with an experienced and enthusiastic team of permanent staff, their efforts is to be a customer-friendly company that provides high-quality plants. The history of the company goes back more than 30 years. Since 1983 ,Richard Scheffers has engaged into cultivation of pot plants, located at the Poeldijkse pad in Honselersdijk. This is also the place where he began in 1987 with growing Gardenia Jasminoides which still belong to their core business. Halfway 1989 they opened a company on the Oostheullaan in Honselerdijk in addition to various other crops mainly Spathiphyllum was grown. In 1998, these companies were sold and continued on the Great Achterweg 6a in Naaldwijk as one.

Now the company has a surface of 50,000m2 with their main product, the Gardeniain four pot sizes. Jasper Meijer of Richplant tells us that the VBN standard of a Gardenia knobs is 20mm, Richplant put their quality standards much higher, knobs must be 25 mm! Due to this policy, even in the winter months, 80% of their knobs comes out.

In addition to the Gardenia , Richplant is the only breeder in Europe which produces the products Jatropha Podagrica, Jatropha multifida, Ixora Konitiki, Crossandra Fortuna, Clerodendrum Prospero propagates and they have developed their own species within Crossandra and Clerodendrum, by making the plants stronger they created a much longer shelf life. Their the Star Clustersole supplier. Source material from cuttings: longer bloom, more buttons and be the first on the market (week 10-20). After 4 years of pioneering the Ixora Kontiki has become a topproduct in the market. And finally the Plumeria (frangipani), which is in development and promises to be a very nice product. The Product has a great support among consumers.

Jasper also tells us that Richplant a modern flexible furnishings company is, we are able to supply blooming plants all year round, we are always working on product development in order to offer a surprising range of flowering plants. Naturally, we operate in a socially responsible manner and are certified for Florimark. Rich Plant is also affiliated with the organization Decorum Company which is a joint venture between 's 70 growers. These breeders have only one target, plants and a wide range of high quality flowers.

Rich Plant is the address for exclusive flowering plants. In the month of March they are for Oz Planten Breeder of the Month. We are kindly received and were given detailed explanations about their products. OZ Planten certainly remainin contact in order to provide our customers with the high quality planting of Rich Plant.

Firma Bisschops

Firma Bisschops from Voorhout is this weeks breeder of the month. OZ Planten went to meet the two brothers Mark and Eric Bisschops who are in charge of the daily management from the nursery Bisschops which was founded by their grandfather mr. Leo Bisschop. Their father Rob Bisschops has continued the company in the early seventies after earning his degree from the Imperial horticultural college in Lisse. The breedingprogram at that time was mainly dahlias, tulips and narcissus. Sometime later they started the forcing of narcissus in pot and the tulips nursery was divested, this is done with a view for further specialization of narcissus and dahlia's. This is where the company is famous for now

The dahlia cultivation of the Firma Bisschops is mainly about the dry sales(bulbs). The bulbs that come from own propagation through cuttings and tissue culture production find their way through various export companies mainly active in the European and American retail markets, garden centers and specialty shops. The narcissus in pot cultivation and production is their other product where nursery Bisschops is known for. As a young man the narcissus Gold Medal was one of the first species which Rob Bisschops came in contact with. Later on this kind would be the basis on which the current narcissus pot production is build on:the cultivation of different species flowered narcissus in pots.

Short and compact , strong, large-flowered and heavy quality, these are the key words that the species narcissus must comply with too reach the standard that the company wants. Recently, they have branded their narcissus with the brand XL-flowers, this is done to create additional visibility in the market and to show that narcissus has more to offer than just the familiar yellow color and shape. Since seven years there is an intensive breedingprogram picked up to continue the search for new species that meet these requirements.

About 90% of the species used in the nursery, are from our own breeding. With an area of ​​some 20 hectares of the Bisschops brothers is cultivating their dahlias and narcissus. The cultivation of narcissus start to a multiplication process in which the Bisschops brothershave worked out their own unique system of treating and storing. The combination of different species, breeding, propagation, cultivation and forcing are the pillars supporting the company of the Firma Bisschops. Because of the pleasant cooperation, the high quality of the narcissus and exclusivity we at OZ Planten are very pleased with the cooperation with the Firma Bisschops. The beautiful narcissus are known to our customers worldwide.


The breeder of the month is: Fachjan. It is a steadily growing family business with two young entrepreneurs of the third generation at the top, so the company is ready for the future. The Young entrepreneurs wich have lots of passion and professionalism set them nationally and internationally on the map andare well known by architects and landscapers in Europe and beyond. Upon entering the 45 000 m2 of greenhouses full of tropical and subtropical plants, flowering and fruit-bearing trees and bushes from a few inches to fourteen meters high, you are immediately impressed.

An important segment in the company is the planting project. This project plantings take place all over the world and looking at the pictures it's very impressive. One project is not yet finished or they are already working on the next, without losing the first project out of sight. It sometimes takes a year to complete, scheduling, pick out the trees until the final delivery. "Service and Support are very important" says Paul, one of the directors. From garden center to office building, from airport to zoo, Fachjan can deliver appropriate plants for it. The pots and planters are also available so they can provide a total package for their customers.

Fachjan supplies beside the large greenplants the widest range of Sansevieria under their logo "rough and tough". These strong and easy plant is still gaining more popularity every year. The Sansevieria's are leaving the company on trolleys with or without a sticker on the pot to customers. This is also done with great care by a team of employees. Each plant large or small will be treated with the same passion and feeling and that is reflected in their products. Due of the large assortment it is quite easy to combine orders, with different types of Aglaonema, Dracaena, Codiaeum, Dypsis, Ficus large tosmall, branched, young and old. If you are looking for something special or just a lovely houseplant. Fachjan can deliver.

Fachjan is always on the move and looking for innovations . The motto:"Today the market is not the same as yesterday or tomorrow" is of paramount importance. Therefore continually is being invested in innovation. Some examples of this are: groundplants on substrate (This is hydroponics but alot cheaper), modern irrigation systems that allow management by one person on tablet or smartphone, it is cost effective. And of course the sustainable management in crop protection, fertilizer and energy, Fachjan never stops.

Because of the diversity and quality of their plants , OZ Planten sees in Fachjan a good partner.
Through a wide range assortment they can provide all year round a beautiful and diverse variety of green plants where we can provide our customers with.

Firma H.C. Damen

Firma HC Damen is a flower bulb company based in Voorhout, the heart of the bulb region.

The history of this company goes back to 1875. In that year, the great-grandfather of Hedwig Damen went from the Westland to Voorhout. Together with his brother he started a company that was mainly producing vegetables and beside that flower bulbs on a small scale. In the course of time the vegetable production slowly changed into growing bulbs. Initially it consisted of cultivating tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and crocuses. In 1910, exports have started to Germany, for that time quite an undertaking.

In 1960, the next generation joined them consisting of four brothers . Export than expanded to Austria and Germany. Over time,they also started with the forcing of bulbs in the cold stores in order to be able to work in the wintertime as well. A leap forward!

In 1998 Hedwig Damen and his father continued together the firm HC Damen. The company was still located at the Jacoba van Beierenweg 45. In 2000, the old warehouse of the firm HC Damen was being demolished and they started a little later with the construction of a completely new and modern warehouse.In the current building there are many coldrooms, there is a processing area and a greenhouse, so the firm HC Damen was able to develop its company in the past few years.

"Today, we are working hard at growing and preparing hyacinths, tulips, narcissus and muscari on pot, which is done with much love and passion" says owner Hedwig Damen.
As a company, H.C Damen wants to be sure of a good working environment for everyone, with a good quality of flowers, which everyone enjoy using. The company breeds and developes the bulbs them selves,and they are constantly working on offering a higher quality.

OZ Planten is working together for many years with HC Damen and is very satisfied with the cooperation. When the season begins you will find their products on many trolleys everyday in our company which we transport all over the world. For us, cooperation is always enjoyable and we hope to continue this cooperation in the future.

Marcel Vijverberg

The former vegetables nursery was founded in 1955 by Mr. Vijverberg Senior. In the early days it was grown in cold greenhouses, flat glass and open field. The vegetables that where produced in that time were, tomatoes,lettuce, grapes and many other vegetable crops. In 1996 the company was acquired by the current owner: Marcel Vijverberg and the company begin to carrying his name.

Marcel Vijverberg begin growing Container plants and Poinsettias grown on stem. Soon, these plants were combined with large hanging pots containing a wide range of annual plants hanging in the greenhouse above the tub plants. In this period there followed different stages of the expansion of the company and of the greenhouses to a total area of ​​2.5 hectares. Breeder Marcel Vijverberg listens closely to it`s customers so it is in consultation range about the assortments and numbers. So she keeps in touch with the market. Currently, inaddition to the Container plants potsize 19 cm there is an even wider range of annual plants and Addenda Campanula's in potsize 25cm available.

Marcel Vijverberg has replaced the Christmas star on stem for the poinsettia bush potsize 13 cm and for the last two years he grows the beautiful Princettia. The Princettia in a combination with the Lips More © charisma is a very attractive product for consumers who love something new. The product has smaller leaves and slightly smaller flower than the Poincettia and is a true jewel to have in your house. The Princettia is available in various shades of pink and white. With More Lips © we give more than a plant, we give a kiss, we give love and show friendship. With the More Lips © Princettia we sell a plant where people are going to be happy.

Breeder Marcel Vijverberg represents a socially responsible cultivated assortment container and hanging plants, Campanula's, Poinsettia and Princettia. Marcel Vijverberg stands for a wide range of added value, making mixed trolleys, growing conceptually (Addenda © and More Lips ©. Renewing by combining products with modern potcolors also belongs to this company. Oz Planten and Breeder Marcel Vijverberg have been working together for many years and his Princettia is exported all over the world by us. He stands for quality and the Princettia More Lips © is a good example. The assortment is always surprising and ensures that we remain curious about the products of Breeder Marcel Vijverberg in the future.

J&P ten Have

The family company J&P ten Have is a modern pot plant grower that has been passed on from father to son.  The company was founded in 1955 in Honselersdijk by W.J.J. ten Have. In 1978 the greenhouse consisted of an area of 4000m² where they, at the time, grew Bougainvillea and Cyclamen. In that same year they also build a new greenhouse in Kwintsheul at the Driesprong. This greenhouse had a surface area  of 6000m² and was equipped with mobile cultivation tables. They started growing Begonia in the new greenhouse in 1981, which subsequently has become the main product of the company. The brothers Peter and Jos ten Have are now joint owners of the company. In addition to them Gerard van Deventer joined the Executive Board in 2012.

J&P ten Have is a modern pot plant nursery with a total area of ​​60,000m² specialized in growing Begonia and Gloxinia. The company is constantly in search of novelties and is annually presenting new products and own species, for example last year the Begonia Valentino, and in the past the Gloxinia Sonata, Begonia Grace and Bodinia species. J&P ten Have has a unique and exclusive assortment and will always aim for a very high quality product. As a company they react on the market demands, availability and needs of their customers. One example is that they are the only breeder who tops Begonias in order to have a plants that will grow into a beautiful full and well branched Begonia. In addition, they are the only Dutch grower to have the a double flower Gloxinia and the Begonia Betulia. To respond to the demand of the different seasons Begonia, Betulia and Gloxinia are available mainly in the spring and summer. In autumn and winter they grow a special winter Begonia Grace, Poinsettias and leaf begonia.

OZ Planten has been working together with J&P ten Have, we receive daily deliveries for our customers that is transported by us all over the world. They are also part of the Quality-label Decorum, and J&P ten Have is the base of our flowering plants assortment. The quality of J&P ten Have makes them the obvious choice for our Begonia supplier in Holland, and their exclusive lines are a welcome addition to our range.  

Carni Flora

Carni Flora was  founded on the 1st of February  1994 by two childhood friends, Gerard van Dam and Rene van Kessel in Aalsmeer. They rented an old greenhouse with surface of 2000m² and the goal to specialize in growing carnivorous plants. Justin van Kessel also joined the company to aid his father. The company has continued to grow over the years and relocated in order to have more space to cultivate plants because of the growing demand of their product. Their passion for these exotic and amazing colourful plants reflects in the fact that they now have a company of over 8000m2. The mission of Carni Flora since its inception in 1994 remained the same: to surprise their customers and consumers with  unique species of carnivorous plants. Carni Flora now grows more than 40 species of carnivorous plants in an environmentally responsible and high-quality manner. In the beginning in the 90s, they started out with 5 different species of carnivorous plants. New varieties are mainly acquired by crossbreeding which they do themselves in order to test the new varieties. This way they can also search for the perfect balance of colour, size health and durability of the plant. Quality is the main selling point of Carni Flora, to ensure this they work with a permanent team of 14 employees, during the breeding process almost everything is done manually.

Carni Flora has over 40 species of carnivorous plants grown in pots, terracotta bowls and watering pots and thus has the largest range of the Netherlands. That range includes well-known plants such as Dionaea muscipula, and Sarracenia, Drosera but also rare plants like the Caphalotus and Darlingtonia.

Almost every carnivorous plant can easily be placed outdoors during the summer months. And most Sarracenia and some Drosera, Pinguicula, Utricilaria and Darlingronia's also suited to stay in your garden during the winter.  The carnivorous plants will receive extra attention this month because they are the plant of the month. Most species are available during this season and now have their seductive beautiful colours in order to attract customers. The uniform brand of Carni Flora is specially designed to stand out even more on the shop floor. Because children are especially fascinated by carnivorous plants, the look and feel of the brand is designed to be fun and cartoony with cheerful colours.

A nice colourful plant, and a special range of high quality plants, in the month of the carnivorous plants results without a doubt to name Carni Flora grower of the month. OZ Planten and Carni Flora have been working together for years, for us it is obvious that they are our partner for this product. They can also quickly deliver in smaller orders, coming up together to broaden our product range and how we can get the plant to the right customer.

JoGrow - Love for Plants

People are interested in nature, health, sustainability and the environment. Plants also contribute to this, especially green pot plants. Green tropical houseplants bring atmosphere and oxygen in the home or office, and they also purify the air. They continually improve the indoor climate at home or at the office, making it more comfortable and improving your performance at work.  JoGrow is a grower with a wide range of green houseplants, with the ideal plant for any home or office.

JoGrow always was a family business and they started in 1980 with the cultivation of potted plants. Their horticultural experience however goes even further back, starting in 1922. Over the years the company has been greatly expanded and modernized. Since 2006, they are located at the Hoenderparklaan 153 in Kwintsheul, right in the middle of the Westland,  growers area, in the Netherlands. In 2008 they build an additional greenhouse complex resulting in a cultivation area of 30.000 square meters. Here the plants get all the attention they need in order to grow in optimal conditions.

JoGrow has a year round production and a wide range of houseplants. The main production consists of tropical houseplants such as: Aglaonema, Codiaeum, Dracaena, Polycias, Sansveria and Schefflera.

In this range they also have a private line they call the “Tiny Family”, which consist of mini plants available in bright tinted added value and great mixes. From week 16 to week 34 they also have Hydrangeas available. The mission of JoGrow is to delight its customers and consumers with plants that are distinguished by their appearance in terms of quality and versatility. And because of this they are constantly looking for innovation within their product range. They scout for new species in Central America themselves.

Diversity and quality are very important for JoGrow, they are also constantly optimising the way the plants are grown. As a member of the Decorum group the quality of the plants is very important, but JoGrow also wants a socially and environmentally responsible cultivation. This manifests itself in a MPS-GAP and SQ certificate.

Partly because of their diversity, quality and business mission we see in JoGrow a good partner to supply our customers. With their wide range, OZ Planten is able to provide a year round offer in a diverse an lovely array of green plants. It is a great offer to discover from the small 5,5 cm pot size to the 40cm pot, or with the beautiful decorative pots and fitting plants. This is why OZ Planten wants to  present JoGrow as grower of the month in August. 


Just like many other companies in the Westland, the family business Duijn-Hove has their roots in the cultivation of vegetables. In total they have over 30 years of experience in growing of potted plants. The company has been run by the family van Duijn for three generations. Currently Ful van Duijn still keeps busy with the daily business and use his expertise to advise his 3 sons. After Graduating Hugo van Duijn started working for a fellow grower to build up some experience. In 1997 he decided to return to the family business to give it a new direction for the future. Besides the original production of Beaucarnea the Oncidium was added to the range. The range of Duijn-Hove has been adapted over the years so that it can better respond to market demand. The current range now includes: Beaucarnea, Cambria, Ficus Ginseng and Phalaenopsis. Duijn-Hove was one of the first Westland growers who started breeding Beaucarnea, a business strategy that is still maintained up to the day. The large selection of unique high quality plants makes Duijn-Hove a great partner.

As a result of the constant quest for the ideal growing conditions Duijn-Hove now consists of two companies; namely Duijn-Hove and Duijn-Orchids both with their own style and culture.

Duijn-Hove was founded in 1997 in Maasland and has a production area of ​​25.000 m² where mainly Cambria's, Beaucarnea and Ficus Ginseng are cultivated in different sizes. The growing of these plants is done in a traditional way and its quality and diversity of paramount importance.

Duijn-Orchids was created in 2007 as a new established branch. This modern greenhouse has been optimized for the cultivation of high-quality Phalaenopsis. The plants are grown in a innovative way on a production area of 30.000 m². This is due to the fact that they not only have different sizes and colours in their Phalaenopsis assortment, but also have a wide range of special shapes such as arches and spirals.

Cooperation is very  important for Duijn-Hove, they want to be able to grow with their colleagues and suppliers by sharing information and tips. Thus Duijn-Hove since its inception been a member of Decorum Plants. On top of it all, their environmental aware policy and corporate social responsibility are proven by a MPS-A certificate for both of their establishments. OZ Planten has the full range of Duijn-Hove in its assortment for both day trading as well for the long-term promotions. Customers ofOZ Planten benefit from this quality combined with the diversity of plants. To summarize, too many reasons to nominate Duijn-Hove to be grower of July.

Van der Voort Potplanten

Van der Voort was founded more than 30 years ago by Chris van der Voort. From the start the company focused, as many companies in the Westland in that time, on the cultivation and production of various vegetables and ornamental plants. The majority of their production was sold at the auctions. During the 80s the focus switched to a more specialized cultivation of ornamental plants, namely  potted plants. Unlike the sale of vegetables, potted plants where sold with the name of the grower at the auction, which meant the growers where valued by their individual qualities instead of the product aspects.  These values are to this day an important stimulus in the pursuit of a high standard and an active market approach. Despite reaching the legal retirement age, Chris van der Voort still plays an important role in the business operations of the company. The daily management of the company is now shared whit his son Olaf.  Van der Voort Potplanten has in the past 5 years experienced a significant growth in development. Whereby the number of locations has been reduced and the various activities are concentrated in specially equipped locations.

Nowadays Van der Voort has grown to a company with a production area of more than 80,000 m². The majority of that area is designated for the cultivation of Spathiphyllum in various pot sizes. 

Starting at the small 6cm pot size up to the beautiful 23cm tureen, they also have a wide range of added value in order to supply a ready-to-sell product for the stores. Besides the cultivation of Spathiphyllum Van der Voort has been working on product development for more than 20 years.

They breed the rooted cuttings for their own plants, giving them complete control over the final product in every step of the process. This department is growing very fast, since some of the seeds and rooted  cuttings are sold to colleagues in Holland and abroad. Van der Voort produces a significant portion of the Spathiphyllum seed in Tanzania to be able to meet the rising year round demand for seed and young plants.

In addition to the year-round production of Spathiphyllum they also have a seasonal production of  Ludisia 'Discolor', marketed in various pot sizes.

There are many reasons why we want to appoint Van der Voort as “grower of the month” in the month of June, and what is mentioned above is just a small part. They are part of the Decorum® group, and always deliver a uniform product. The produce their product in a environmental aware way and as a result have a MPS-GAP certificate. What we are able to offer our customers, thanks to Van der Voort, is a year round beautiful product that will always be uniform.  In addition to this all they always deliver, and are able to correctly and quickly deliver even small orders, and this we can always help or customers as well.

De Wilgenlei

The roots of  the company are in the Westland, a region in the Netherlands that is known for its growers, but in 1980 when De Wilgenlei was founded the owners decided to relocate to Bleiswijk. This is where all the activity and growth have taken place, with multiple investments to upgrade their greenhouses. In the last couple of years there has been a major change in there assortment, where they moved their focus on the development of flowering seasonal products. Where in the past the main production was the Ficus Lyrata nowadays this has been changed to the Hibiscus within their range of products.  The Hibiscus of De Wilgenlei has their own brand and are marketed as the HibisQs®, they developed this concept in close collaboration with the Danish breeder Graff Breeding A/S.  Other products they grow are the Dieffenbachia Maroba®, Plumbago Auriculata and a new line of Poinsettia Q-ismas Star®

De Wilgenlei is a grower of ornamental plants that is always looking for a unique product, and improvements to the product that they have in their range.  Especially the developments within the Hibiscus has taken a leap the last couple of years. The HibisQs® distinguishes itself in terms of bud and flower development.  Their flowers now bloom up to 5-6 days, and the flower buds also have a sensational ornamental value. The HibisQs® with its large flowers and a selection of unique colours rejoice many consumers in all European countries throughout the season. Because of the positive developments, the range of sizes and shape has expanded to supply various segments.

An important detail is that the search for new species is a continual process! Annually 15.000 unique varieties are tested  and evaluated if they are an addition or improvement to the existing range. Obviously, the Wilgenlei has a keen eye for the way products are produced! A number of steps have been taken in the company to give this substance. De Wilgenlei is connected to the waste heat conduit and their warm water is supplied this way. As a result they consume no gas to heat their entire company. In addition they use energy screens, they have installed a closed water system and the company emits no CO2 at all. Knowledge and development in the field of biological pest control gets a lot of attention, and about 80% of their chemical pesticides have been replaced by them.

Mainly because of these qualities we want to name De Wilgenlei “Grower of the Month” for the month of may, a good partner for the Hibiscus who makes the extra effort to think along with their partners. They have a great assortment of colours and a product with a exceptional long shelf life. If you are curious about their products please contact your contact person at OZ Planten. 

Hoogeveen Plants

Hoogeveen Plants was founded over 25 years ago by Siem Hoogeveen. Originally the company was established in Boskoop, a famous horticultural area in the Netherlands where they started cultivating climbers and vines. A logical next cultivation was that of fruit plants, since they have similar cultivation. Ten years ago they decided to enlarge their production with two more type of plants, the product of Helleborus and bamboo, grasses and ferns.
In total Hoogeveen Plants has about 17 acres at its disposal which is spread over 8 production sites. Each site is responsible for one specific production and is staffed by a dedicated team who are working passionately with the products. This ensures that each production site has their own unique character. There are fully automated production sites, as well as more traditional gardens in which the plants are still grown in the open ground. The similarity between all the production sites is the fact that sustainability is important both for the environment and for humans. This also manifests itself in the MPS-GAP, MPS-SQ and FFP certificates earned by Hoogeveen Plants.
Two years back the consumer brand "Perfect Garden®"  was developed.  The core values ​​of Perfect Garden are: quality, innovation, sustainability and integrity. The product brands that are accompanied by Perfect Garden includes the brands "Elegrass®" (bamboo, grasses and ferns), "100% Fruit®" (fruit plants), "Hello, Helleborus®" (Helleborus) and "Up!Climbers" (climbers and vines). With the four product brands of Perfect Garden Hoogeveen Plants is always thinking towards their customers, and approaches them to develop new ideas.  They develop complete shelving plans with associated POS material and many other presentation tools for garden centres. For both the regular day to day business as well as the big seasonal promotions Hoogeveen Plants has proven to be a reliable partner for OZ Planten.
The coming years, the focus of Hoogeveen Plants is on improving their range. Investments were made in a experimental garden where new varieties can be tested for at least two years before being produced for the consumers. Important for their labels is that the plant must be an improvement to an existing product. Even for consumers without  green thumbs! This will result in the coming years in better and new varieties that are added to the range and older or less-performing species will be removed from their range.
The very complete range, and the pleasant cooperation makes Hoogeveen Plants an ideal partner for OZ Planten for the large portion of the outdoor range of our offers. The different labels of Perfect Garden have a real added value and do well in our customer’s stores. All the more reason to name Hoogeveen “Grower of the Month” in April! Also visit their inspiring site for inspiring photos and product information.

Kwekerij Apartus

This family company was founded in 1973 and thus they have many years of experience in growing potted plants. They have over the years produced a large diversity of plants but their main production nowadays is the Pelargonium Grandiflorum. In March the Pelargonium is the plant of the month, we offer our clients the Pelargonium Grandiflorum of Apartus, and chose to name them Grower of the Month. As a grower, Apartus aims to have innovative ideas for the market every year and has therefore already twenty-nine of their own species of Pelargonium Grandiflorum. The Pelargonium Grandiflorum is available in various types and pot sizes. Besides the Pelargonium Grandiflorum cultivation Apartus also grows other plants during the season. They grow the: New Biscus XXL, Dahlia mix XXL and Cyclamen. These varieties are presented in different lines to our customers: The Bella Donna® Collection, the Sunq® XXL line and the Fiorita Cyclamen "Super Series". Besides their pot plants production Apartus also has a vegetable crop of green peppers.

Apartus has experienced a large growth the last couple of years. They have now established themselves in five locations, they include Poeldijk and in Berkel en Roderijs. These five nurseries are using a total of 15 hectares of which 9 hectares for potted plants. In the high season they have up to 120 employees working to ensure the quality of their plants. Each year, Apartus produces and deliver approximately 4.3 million pot plants to their customers.

At Kwekerij Apartus quality is a key word and can be seen and experienced in all facets of the company. Quality is a priority for them and this is ensured by an enthusiastic and professional team. It is important for Apartus to be aware of the environment, and thus they have build and optimised their greenhouses to a modern company keeping that in mind. They re-use their irrigation water, separating paper, plastic and green waste and produce green energy with its CHPs. They are certified by an MPS-A certificate and an MPS-GAP, which again is an expression of the company philosophy.

The Bella Donna Collection consists of large-flowered Pelargonium Grandiflorum and it has 29 colours. 25 of these are Don species, available exclusively at Apartus. The small-flowered Pelargonium are provided under the Bella Donna Angel label. These collections are available in various pot sizes: 12cm, 17cm and the small flowers are also available in 23cm pot.

OZ Planten and Apartus have been working together for years, for the Pelargonium Grandiflorum but also their full range is offered in our offer lists. The quality and diversity of their products is an asset to our lists and our customers benefit from their product!

Ammerlaan-Sosef BV

The roots of the company lie with Ard Ammerlaan who started the company in the early 80s with the production of potted plants, in 1988 he was the first grower that offered a good potted Chrysanthemum year round, the first grower in the Netherlands. In 1999 Ard decided to restructure its business and to start a partnership with his son Jeffery Ammerlaan and employee Gertjan Sosef. After the initial cultivation of Ard Ammerlaan namely potted chrysanthemum and Celosia Caracas, Ammerlaaan Sosef now has an annual program of Primula obconica "Touch Me", Cyclamen and Celosia "Deep purple" Caracas and some other types Celosias. Including the new Celosia Hot Topic, they belong to the Celosia Crisata types and are available in three different colours. In 2010 Ard Ammerlaan left the company to enjoy his well-earned retirement. Jeffery Ammerlaan and Gertjan Sosef continued together as partners.

Every year Ammerlaan-Sosef produces more than 3 million plants. Their experience with the product, a modern greenhouses and motivated staff enables them to produce a consistent and  good quality plant. Ammerlaan-Sosef are also connected to the Decorum trademark thanks to their experience and quality products. Because of the considerable growth in the British retail market over the last few years their sales here increased considerably. These customers require faultless work, they use this experience to improve the workflow for their other customers. They are constantly working on the optimization of the process.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an important part of doing business for Ammerlaan-Sosef.

 As a company that operates in modern times with a modern equipment they set high standards for themselves, and feel  responsible for people and the environment. They are increasingly using more organic pesticides, because of this they have been a MPS-A certificate for many years. In addition to the MPS-A certificate they also possess the "Fair flowers, fair plants" certificate, and they have set themselves the goal to achieve the MPS-Florimark certificate. Separating their paper, plastic and green waste and the re-use of their irrigation water are also examples of their efforts . Every year, they discuss with their staff if there are other improvements to be made for the company.  Another prove of their corporate responsibility is that Ammerlaan-Sosef also partakes in supporting several charities.

All of the above made the choice for grower of the month easy. OZ Planten would like to call Ammerlaan-Sosef the “Grower of the month” for February 2015!

Sjaloom BV.

Sjaloom has been down to earth for more than 50 years. This slogan describes Sjaloom perfectly. They are a company with a practical approach. Sjaloom focuses on products that are cultivated responsibly and traded reliably and flexibly. In short, a company where customer satisfaction at home and abroad is key.

Sjaloom was founded in 1955 by Dick Oosterom. In recent years the company has been managed by his sons Henry and Bernard Oosterom. In March 2008 Willem van der Voort was hired as General Manager.  Sjaloom has been based on the Abraham Kroesweg in Waddinxveen, through the years they have grown to a total of 9 hectares of greenhouses, which are optimised for the culture of their products. 

 In December 2006 Sjaloom managed to translate the Florimark and MPS GAP quality marks into MPS-Florimark Production. MPS-Florimark Production is the quality mark which a company receives when it has achieved the certificates relating to Environment, Retail, Quality Assurance and social aspects. Sjaloom has also joined the international consumer label FFP, which stands for Fair Flowers Fair Plants. The aim is to encourage the sustainable production of plants and flowers. These plants and flowers are grown with respect for people and the environment. These products are offered to the consumer under the FFP label.

Sjaloom is specialized in importing and cultivating pot plants from Central America. The main products are Yuccas and Dracaena Massangeana. They also offer a wide range as Beaucarnea, Dracaena in different varieties, Roebelenii, and Sansevieria Cylindrica.

In recent years, the market has increased its demand for ‘ready-to-use’ products. Pot plant grower Sjaloom respond to this demand by focusing more on proposing a wide range of products and various mix-and-match options.

For their flexibility and down-to-earth mentality OZ Planten wants to name Sjaloom “Grower of the month”. January is known to be a good month for green plant sales and the plant of the month is the Yucca one of Sjalooms main products. They have diverse mixes of green plants that are ready to use and their assortment is part of our standard green plant offer in our lists. Sjaloom attaches a lot of value in the collaboration within the trading chain. And the responsibility does not stop at the company gates; it extends all the way to the consumer. 


The grower Orchios was founded in 2007, a brand new building was built for this purpose which was specially designed for growing Phalaenopsis. Marcel van Os is the owner of Orchios and is a third generation grower. The family Os is co-founder of the global cultivation of roses, but Marcel van Os decided in 2007 to change into cultivating of the most exclusive plant, the Phalaenopsis. Marcel van Os has started 28 years ago growing roses, he continued cultivating roses besides the Phalaenopsis until one year ago. As a grower of roses he was always searching for exclusivity in the flowers he grew, in order to answer and supply the market of specialists.  Marcel van Os was the first Dutch grower to cultivate the Black Rose. The quest for exclusivity also reflects in the Phalaenopsis they grow, in which they have chosen for the large-flowering types.

Orchios has a greenhouse of 25000 m2 giving their products time to grow, and attention to become a top product. The greenhouse was built specially for the Phalaenopsis, in which they used the latest technology and the layout is optimised for their Phalaenopsis. In the beginning the large flowering Phalaenopsis in a pot 15cm was the leading product of Orchios. It was quickly followed by their pot size 12cm, also in varieties that only grow large flowers. Those are Phalaenopsis that grow flowers with a minimum diameter of 10 cm and up to 15 cm. Orchios has always sold their plants directly to resellers like OZ Planten. Enabling them to assist the resellers and give their Phalaenopsis the extra attention it needs, they have not sold any of their plants through the auction. Marcel van Os is responsible for the cultivation of the plants, 7 years ago Henk de Jong was employed to regulate the marketing of the plants. In total, the team consists of 15 people who work daily to make sure they deliver a top product to the right customer.  Orchios is continually looking for ways to improve their product range and colour range, they do this in consultation with their customers.  Always being aware that they are looking for the top quality and durability of their product range. Exclusivity in the large flowering Phalaenopsis that have a good shelf life will always be the priority in their search for new products.

Phalaenopsis Tokyo is the bestseller of Orchios, the development of this variety was a 5 year process, and with great success for now it is their leader in sales. They started their search with the wish to create a plant that had the branch and flower size of a pot size 15 Phalaenopsis, but that could be grown in a 12 cm pot. This has been achieved with the Tokyo and makes it a very impressive plant and an easy to transport pot. In addition, the Phalaenopsis Tokyo can do well with little light and is very strong.

Orchios and OZ Planten have been working well together, and they meet the needs of our customers on demand for the large-flowered Phalaenopsis. Through the knowledge and quality of Orchios we have found a good partner. The exclusivity of their products and uniformity of the plants is a real advantage for the customer who is looking for quality, in addition to that they have a good selection of plants with added value of in their range of arched Phalaenopsis which are included in our standard range of orchids. 

PT Creations

The holidays are just around the corner, that is why we have chosen for a fitting grower of the month for the coming season. Because of a growing demand of specific arrangements a trader from Wijk en Aalburg started to create his own compositions in 1991, due to the requests of his customers for arrangements that were not available on the market. Mark Timmermans who was working for his father Peter’s company took the decision and started this project. Nine years ago they started in a hall that was 1.000 m² big and with a staff of three, growth followed quickly as the demand for their popular arrangements grew. 2008 was the official start of the company PT Creations, it was named after Peter Timmermans. As a grower they focus on the creation of high quality plant arrangements for the upper segment of the market.  Through the years PT Creations has become a dynamic, modern company, that keep all aspects of creating a arrangement in their own company so that they can be competitive in the market.

PT Creations is expanding their work floor with a total of 3800 m², this extra  production hall will be in use by November the 14th. During the high season they now have a more then 120 staff working to make sure that all orders are made properly.

They prepare the bulbs they use in their arrangements themselves and have their own fields where they grow the conifers they use. For example, the conifers they grow there are: Pinus Silvercrest, Chamaecyparis Summit Point, Chamaecyparis Ellwoodii and Picea Conica. These conifers are grown with care to guarantee a top quality product. A environmental friendly cultivation is a very important point for PT Creations, and of paramount importance. They therefore contribute to the Floriculture Environmental Project, also known as MPS label.

OZ Planten has been working for years together with PT Creations, and always enjoyed the way of work. Their beautiful and high quality arrangements in combination with their direct way of communication enables us to respond quickly to the market. The wide range of products is always up to date. For large operations, we like to work with PT Creations but also for day to day product line, we find the diversity of their range and their quality here is a great partner for plant arrangements for all of the seasons.

Asra Plant

Robert Huijbregts and Ad & Annemarie van Heesbeen started their collaboration 8 years ago. Both growers wanted to join forces in order to respond better to the needs of the market, five years ago they created Asra Plant together. The new company could utilize the abilities everyone well, and could continue on the development of the "Sense of Nature" brand. Asra Plant distinguishes itself in the market by delivering a simple brand for a high quality plant. They have huge diversity in their assortment, with many unique species that are only cultivated by Asra Plant, for example the Yacon or Stokesia "Mels Blue" Sense. Asra Plant consists of a small dynamic team who work closely together to achieve a diverse assortment of plant and to produce and sell a good quality plant.

"Sense of Nature" is a brand that has been developed for the consumer, the plant is always the most important aspect in this and the brand is there to support the sales. The range consist of plants which are long lasting for the customer and who are visually attractive. The goal of the “Sense of Nature” brand is to support the sales. It is very important that the product is always more important than the presentation or brand. The label was designed with a mixture of images such an atmospheric images in combination with a clear picture of the products positive aspects. All of this is supported with an pictogram of one of the five senses, indicating which of the senses will experience the most pleasure from this particular product.

Asra Plant is always in motion and constantly looking for the right products to improve their product ranges. With this development, the focus is to the best quality plants, keeping in mind that the development cost of the plant should be in par with the value of the product.  They have created a year round calendar for garden centres that indicates which products are visually attractive at which period.   

In addition to their own brand and a top products Asra Plant has years of experience in selling their plants in garden centres and have all the tools and tips to their disposal to assist in the sales. They have tips for ready to use season tables, banners and lots of POS materials. In combination with a wide range of plants that can decorate a nice presentation in the garden centre year round. Do you want to know more about “Sense of Nature”, you can always take a look at their website 

About Plants Zundert BV

About Plants was founded 5 years ago, and is the result of a collaboration between two garden plants growers in the region of Zundert. The two companies are run by two brothers-in-law who decided  working to getter would enable them to respond better to the market. This resulted in tranquility at the growers to produce a beautiful product, and to have single contact point for customers to place their orders. Now they have around 5 acres of glass and plastic greenhouses, and more than 20 acres of container fields on which cultivated. Where plants can grow from cuttings to full plant in peace.

One of the strengths of About Plants is that they have a wide range of garden plants. It is also important for them to be able to offer a visually appealing product to their customers. The combination of a rapid responds to the requests of the customers, with a beautiful product. Through the seasons, there have been many different products that they offer, such as Abelia, Acer, Buxus, Chosya, Gaultheria, Helleborus, Leucothoe, Pieris, Skimmia, Vibernum, Calluna, grasses and small Conifers. While the focus in the spring is mainly a beautiful production of Pieris, which is followed by the Gaultheria, Picea and very nice Leucothoes in the autumn.

With over 20 years of experience and two sites for their cultivation About Plants has a good concept to focusing on service to their customers. The good quality products in combination with a wide range enables them to make a diverse offer daily. The power of short lines within the company ensures that the sellers know when the products are good to offer. Which results in the right plant in the right stage for the right customer. They are proud of their fast an accurate collaboration with their clients, and their uniform presentation style. The blue labels they use is easily recognizable, they use it without exception in their total assortment.

OZ Planten enjoys working with About Plants Zundert, because they can supply a wide range of garden plants to us quickly. Their product range is mainly interesting in the spring and autumn, and enables us to offer a wide range of top quality products. The recognizable brand label included with each plant also ensures a uniform display in stores.

Amigo Plant

This month we present Amigo Plant as the Grower of the month, a specialist in the area of ​​southern succulents.

The founder of Amigo Plant, Gerard van Langen, discovered he was interested in cultivating succulents at an very early age. His passion was born during a sleepover at an uncle, who in his nursery had a corner where his workers had a collection of succulents. He got a few cuttings to take home, and this was the start of a hobby and passion that lasted up to this day.  After completing the Higher Horticultural College in 1984, Gerard went back home to assist his mother at the company where they where cultivating tomatoes. Gerard took over the company in 1985 together with his wife Miranda and increases the company size to approximately 30,000 m2. In all these years there where growing tomatoes and in his spare time Gerard could found in his small hobby greenhouse where he grew his succulents. In 2000 they decided to change their culture into a pot-plant culture, Gerard wanted use his passion in his work more. Amigo Plant has grown now into a company with a surface of more than 150.000 m2 spread across multiple locations and they grow more than 60 different species of succulents.

The key products include Echeveria, Crassula, Rhipsalis and Aloe. There are also pot-plant compositions and arrangements which are ​​in line with the seasons and holidays. The painted Echeveria is one of their specialties, they have them in all colours and mixes. In 2014 they won the Glass Tulip with their "Glow in the Dark" concept. Their plants have been taken into the standard succulent offer of OZ Planten because of their large and diverse range of plants. With their products you can bring a Southern atmosphere on your windowsill at home and office or a Mediterranean feel to private terrace or patio. The philosophy of Amigo Plant is also to run a sustainable enterprise, this is a very important point for the company and is reflected in an MPS and "Fair Flower Fair Plant" certificate. This means that the products are grown in an environmental and socially responsible manner.

Amigo Plant and OZ Planten have been working together since the beginning,  they know our customers wishes well. We often come together to discuss ways to introduce new product lines. The wide range of succulent plants in combination with the added value compositions are part of  our standard range.

Oriental Growers

In 1988 Erik van de Pol began importing Bonsai from China, where he worked with a Chinese company. However, he decided in 1992 to start for himself in Rhoon. After 5 years, they decided to move to Bleiswijk where the company still is at the Anjerweg 22. Meanwhile, the garden has become considerably larger and has added a second location, this one is also located in Bleiswijk, and the company has grown to a total area of ​​26,000 m2.

Oriental Growers is a leader in Oriental ornamental plants for many years and is growing and selling a wide range of Bonsai, Lucky Bamboo, Ficus Ginseng and decorative materials. As part of the Oriental Group's strength lies in its strong relationship with suppliers in Asia and the drive to undertake demand-oriented.

From authentic Chinese to a modern style or special items for holidays, there is always a suitable product for the European market. The procurement team ensures a continuous renewal of the wide range. Oriental Retail stands for unique customization within the product that meets the specific requirements for the retail channel. Oriental Deco is also part of the Oriental Group and supplies decoration materials as planters, bowls, glassware and plugs in all shapes and sizes.

Through specialization and expertise of the staff of Oriental Growers is a lot of knowledge about the sustainable cultivation of our products; are in fact for many of the products strict phytosanitary requirements. The team now consists of more than 50 permanent employees. The modern and fully automated greenhouses ensures optimal growth and processing conditions for the products. This allows the Oriental Group to provide a diverse and reliable range year round. Both fixed "customized" programs and in day trading.

OZ Planten has been working together with Oriental Growers for years because they have a wide range and can meet the demand of our customers quickly. The diversity in pots and decorations for their products, and thinking with our clients ensures a stable growth in this collaboration. The assortment of bonsai and lucky bamboo is therefore included in our standard offers.

Groene Tint vof

Groene Tint vof has evolved from the company N.A.M. Groenewegen, which was established on January 1, 1969 in Naaldwijk. Originally, they grew vegetables and cut flowers, but soon after its founding they switched to cultivate Chrysanthemum. After almost forty years Chrysanthemum cultivation two ambitious entrepreneurs in the business thought it was time for a new challenge, the production of pot Anthuriums. Green Tint moved to Tinte in 2000, a village situated on the islands of South Holland. Stefan Groenewegen and Richard van der Salm have taken over the company from Nico Groenewegen and the company was renamed to Groene Tint.

Groene Tint is an ultra modern floriculture company, which covers an area of ​​30,000 m². In 2007, the company was fully equipped for growing pot Anthuriums. At Groene Tint Everything is mobile; 3500 containers on which they grow Anthuriums move past the workplace three to four times, to provide the right space and to carefully check each plant. They do this in order to provide a wonderful product for their end customers all across Europe.

Their range is wide, they cultivate Anthurium in different pot sizes, 10.5cm, 12cm and 14cm. They also offer a wide range of flower shapes and colours, such as red, white, pink, purple and different shades of orange. Annually they grow approximately one million pot Anthuriums, to achieve this Groene Tint makes use of well-trained staff, combined with modern technology. The work process meets strict requirements, which is reflected in the MPS certificates and the "Fair Flowers Fair Plants" label. Under the label "Just Perfect" all large-flowered varieties are sold in pot sizes 12cm and 14cm .

The uniform products and beautiful plants of Groene Tint ensures a lot of requests for their Anthuriums from our customers. The collaboration between Groene Tint and OZ Plant is very good, their range has been included in our standard Anthurium offer for the last 5 years. We regularly have interesting promotions for our customers that are well received.

Since the month of June is also the month of the Anthurium, we have chosen Groene Tint as grower of the month. A top product, socially and environmentally grown, with a very wide range. Their site is full of interesting information and tips to take care for the Anthurium.

Amigra BV

With a small team with over 20 years experience Amigra BV has been founded in 2012, formerly known as Kwekerij Cascade BV. Because the company was getting too big, it was decided to separate the company so that the right quality and guaranteed delivery conditions could be kept. Amigra specializes in the cultivation of hardy ornamental grasses and outdoor ferns. The name Amigra is derived from the French word  "Ami" which means friend and also the abbreviation of grass. Openness and keeping promises are important core value in the philosophy of Amigra, in addition, they are continually thinking about the needs of the market. Amigra is working with exporters to support sales of the end customer as much as possible for example by, creating POS material and coming up with several inspiring presentations. When the company was founded in 2012, the permanent team of five took their time to develop the "intense" concept. This was accompanied by the development of a clean and fresh corporate identity, and a selection of product lines that they would produce. Since then Amigra remained in motion to continue to develop their products.

Currently Amigra has three sites on which they grow their plants, with a total surface of ​​48,000m².

They use a minimal amount of pesticides and they give the plants time in order to grow into compact, sturdy specimens.  Amigra has developed different sale concepts to propose their products:

• Intense Blue ® (blue grasses)

• Intense Black ® (black grass)

• Ingarden Ferns ® (outdoor ferns)

• Ingarden Grasses ® (special grasses)

• Ideal for Autmn (ornamental grasses that bloom in the autumn).

The plants of Amigra be recognized by the label and the ice-blue pot in which the plants are grown and traded. The Festuca glauca 'Intense Blue' is the runner in terms of production and sales, and will also familiar to most customers. Since the establishment of Amigra they have been working with OZ Planten. With the sleek corporate brand, the recognizable product and always beautiful plants Amigra BV is a real addition to our range.

MTS Batist

In spring bedding plants are an important part of the assortment, many customers return to their garden and there is a great demand for a high quality and diverse range of bedding plants. This is the reason we have chosen to appoint bedding plant grower MTS Batiste as a grower of the month for coming April.


MTS Batist has 1.5 hectares in greenhouses, divided over two locations. They have a flexible and fast production of seasonal products which they can quickly switch to the needs of the customers. In early spring, they focus on the Viola production, and it is followed by a production of various bedding plants, Bidens, Helichrysum, Lobelia, Osteospermum, Petunia, Sanvitalia and other bedding plants. In the fall they finish the year with the production of Chrysanthemum.


In 1938 Joop Batiste started with a cut flower nursery in 's Gavenzande. In the 70's his son Piet joined the company,  they switched form a cut flowers production to the cultivation of pot plants. They have started growing daisies on one hectare, there product range soon grew with the addition of several other early blooming bedding plants. In 1996 Mark Batist, the son of Piet, took over the company and MTS Batiste was founded. The company moved in 2006 to the Nieuwlandse dijk in ‘s Gravenzande, since the old location was going to become a residential building project.


OZ Plants has been working with MTS Batiste 5 years. Thanks to the good cooperation we are able to offer to our customers a wide range of bedding plants. Good quality and prompt deliveries makes  MTS Batist the ideal partner. Mark Batiste experience the collaboration as a pleasant, open and with mutual trust .


With a team of eight men, including five permanent employees and three fixed on-call workers, they managed to produce a premium product. The team is a very important aspect of the company, and Mark Batist is proud of his team. At MTS Batist Mark focuses primarily on the commercial part. Piet uses his years of experience to optimize the production. He makes the planning for production for the coming years. MTS Batiste and OZ Planten a perfect combination for your bedding plants!


Ter Laak Orchids

Ter Laak Orchids from Wateringen grows approximately 6,000,000 phalaenopsis  in a 12 cm pot every year. The brothers Eduard and Richard ter Laak took the company over ten years ago from their parents.  Sustainability is in their genes . The mission of the company is to be a notion for their clients through quality, reliability, collaboration and motivated staff and a by cultivating plants in a sustainable way.

It takes 1,5 year and a staff of 150 persons to grow this popular houseplant in a beautiful, heavy branched and high-quality plant at Ter Laak Orchids. They focus on small- and medium- flowered Phalaenopsis especially in the high segment, garden centers, wholesalers, florists and the better hardware stores . OZ Planten and Ter Laak Orchids have a pleasant cooperation, their Phalaenopsis are transported all over the world by us, and are known by our customers as a top Phalaenopsis.

Ter Laak works from three core values ​​that are reflected in their company logo

1. They are ambitious in what they do ; They are ambitious, always striving to be better. With a clear focus and cooperation they want to do more, more than just the obvious. Creating and exploiting opportunities is their great strength. Professionalism combined with innovative entrepreneurship.

2. They have respect for people and nature ; Man and his environment, they always treat you with respect. They are friendly and engaging, therefore their loyalty is for granted.

3. They keep it as simple as possible ; In the point, no hassle! They keep it simple, effective and clear. They make everything as practical and flexible as possible. Without compromising the quality of their product.

Ter Laak Orchids want to anticipate the regulation the environment, with various quality labels and a maximum of organic cultivation Ter Laak Orchids is an example for fellow growers. Currently they are building an innovative DaylightGreenhouse that will save more energy. On these greenhouses they will install nearly 5.000 solar panels, the scale is unique in horticulture.

With a number of leading breeders they have a very close cooperation. They also test new varieties for those companies. After the test they link the information back to the breeder and then they see if they take the product in the assortment.

Ter Laak is currently testing the greenhouses Philips GreenPower LED toplighting in collaboration with Philips Lighting.

Ter Laak Orchids is a member of Decorum Company, the trademark for more than ten years leading the plant business. Under the Decorum label - that stands for quality and reliability - are 1,200 different types of green and flowering plants, but also flowers, delivered to forty different countries.

Nolina B.V.

February is for many people the month of the rose, therefore OZ planten want to name Nolina Kwekerijen, our preferred supplier of high quality roses, Grower of the Month. Nolina B.V. is located in Woubrugge , were the company was founded in 1966 as a cut flower grower by the brothers de ge. In 1975 the company was renamed to Nolina BV and it also was the year in which they started their pot plant  production. The name Nolina is derived from the first potted plant production they produced, the Nolina recurvata. The product which Nolina is now mainly known for is the rose, and they started growing roses in 1990. These are now available all year round in a variety of colors and pot sizes . The assortment of potted roses now consists of Parade® in 10.5 cm pots, PatioHit® in 13 cm and the Palace® in a 17cm pot . In addition, they produce a good assortment of garden roses, clematis and wisteria in high quality. These will be available from the beginning of April until the last weeks of August. The total company surface is now approaching 150.000m2, of which 85.000m2  consists of greenhouses! These modernly furnished greenhouses are equipped with the state of the art automation and robotics. The cuttings are cut and potted by robots, this ensures a uniform and better quality plants. In addition, the greenhouses are equipped with cogeneration, which produces the energy that is needed in the greenhouses. It is therefore an efficient way make use of the residual heat in the greenhouses. The focus on people and the environment also plays an important role , this is apparent from the MPS Florimark certification Nolina Kwekerijen achieved .

Through close cooperation with the breeder Poulsen Roser A / S they continuously working on assortment innovation and improvement. By making a part of their greenhouses available for research Nolina Kwekerijen has the privilege to use patented species first on the market. Nolina Kwekerijen is very customer focused, one of the strengths of this grower according to OZ Planten. This is partly why Nolina Kwekerijen won the prestigious DFG award in 2012! Nolina collaborates with us, and our customer wishes, to provide us with the best product in specific market. This collaboration is the gold standard for us now and in the future . A perfect partnership for the long run!

Nieuwkoop Europe

The Nieuwkoop Group is since 1968 a leading and unique company with hydroculture, potted plants, planters and exclusive decoration. The centre of the company, Nieuwkoop Europe, is located in de Kwakel with a total area of ​​190.000m2 which 100.000m2 are greenhouses used as a nursery. Over the years Nieuwkoop Europe has in collaboration with its customers realised a large number of projects, the planting and delivery of planters. As a result, they have a lot of experience in that area and they can guide the process from beginning to end. Examples of these project are planting in zoos, airports, shopping centres, holiday parks and office buildings.

The plants and hardware for their special projects are imported from all over the world. The imported plants are first intensively cared for and acclimated in the greenhouses of Nieuwkoop. This can take a few weeks, sometimes even last months, this is a very important part of the follow-up after the plants are imported. If those plants are directly send to the project it will be at the expense of the quality! And quality is important for Nieuwkoop Europe. Customer satisfaction and service are also their top priority. Nieuwkoop Europe has an enthusiastic, motivated and skilled sales team, who can provide expert advice to their clients.

In the month of January Nieuwkoop Europe has an offer specifically for OZ Plant with Draceana Anita. This indoor plant can be placed in both a light or a less sunny location. The Draceana Anita is easy to care for and do not require much water.

For specific specimens, large size plants and special projects Nieuwkoop Europe is an ideal partner for customers of OZ Plants. We regularly visit Nieuwkoop Europe greenhouse with customers, together with Nieuwkoop and the end customer to find proper plant for the project.


OrchiDiva® is the new name of a contemporary range of pot Cymbidium, which is marketed by the grower with the same name on the market. Previously, they were known as kwekerij Muilwijk-Besuijen Orchids, in 2012 the company has changed their name to OrchiDiva. Through a new corporate identity, combined with years of experience in growing Cymbidiums, they want to give extra attention to these luxury orchids. With two growing locations in Amstelveen and a total area of ​​41,000 m2, combined with a team of committed employees they work daily  on maintaining the satisfaction of their customers. In addition a lot attention is paid to the concept of OrchiDiva, which goes beyond the plant. With attention to every detail of the plant, from the sleeve of the plant to the box in which they are transported. Diversity is for OrchiDiva one of the most important parts of their culture, but quality and extra attention after cultivation also plays a major role. They have a wide range of promotional material they offer their customers to use in their stores. 

Did you know: the Cymbidium originates from Nepal ?

As stated, range development at OrchiDiva has the maximum attention. They also have a nursery in Italy where they grow their young plants, these are then transported to the Netherlands to grow to a mature plant. The search and development of new species takes between 4 to 5 years to complete, and  to offer their customers the best range, now and in the future, it is more than worth it. In cooperation with partners all over the world there are daily looking how to improve the range of OrchiDiva. The central location of their nursery in Amstelveen close to the auction of Aalsmeer, they are able to deliver to their customers quickly and flexibly. The Cymbidiums OrchiDiva are available from July to April, and they do everything they can to respond to the wishes and needs of their customers correctly.

OrchiDiva and OZ Planten has been working together for more than 15 years and in the Christmas period they have daily deliveries for our customers . With a top product and a beautiful concept for these plants they deserve the extra attention, this month OrchiDiva is  "grower of the month" for OZ Planten.

Roma Nova

Roma Nova is a leading flower bulb grower located in the heart of the bulb region of the Netherlands, where they started in 2002. The founders, Erik and Brenda Willemse, have years of experience in plants, as well as in creating added value. Using those skills and experience, they created a remarkable company which focuses on the top segment of the bulb market. To guarantee top a quality product every year they have made a strict selection in their bulbs top-suppliers, based on durability and craftsmanship. The finished bulbs are grown at Roma Nova’s greenhouse, this ensures the quality for their clients. In 2006 they created the “Dreaming Colors” label to enhance the image of the flowering bulbs on the market. This line is put in an apple green pot, in this way it’s more recognizable by the consumers in the shops. Their plants have a 100% guarantee to bloom. This concept is well rounded including POS and flyers. Every year Roma Nova also develops new arrangements to keep the collection fresh an innovating.

Roma Nova is constantly looking for the latest trends and developments to be able to offer an hip and trendy product line for its customers. In collaboration with home decorations their goals is: to let people enjoy the beauty of nature in their own living environment. They also have strict requirements for the bulbs suppliers they use, such as: environmentally friendly products grown , no unnecessary energy consumption by cold grown produce and an artisanal workflow. Roma Nova does on top of this guarantee a fast and accurate delivery.

They focus on the top end of the market, mainly florists, garden centres and wholesalers who are looking for a distinguishing product. Roma Nova works with a select group of exporters in Holland to ensure that their product reaches the right end customer. Roma Nova and OZ Planten started working together in 2007, this to great satisfaction of the grower and customers. The new range of Roma Nova is updated in our offers,  mainly because the bulbs season has finally started again. Ask your contact at OZ Planten for the details. If you are still looking for additional inspiration, you can also visit the beautiful site of Roma Nova.


In 1965 SV.CO was known as “Gebroeders Strijbis”, they produced Chrysanthemums and freesias. They were one of the first Dutch growers who introduced Chrysanthemum in pot, they used compact cut flower varieties for this. In the beginning they only had the 9cm pot, the 12 cm pot followed quickly after. Given the increasing demand for the products from SV.CO they added a Kalanchoë production in 1982. In 1998 they bought a piece of land in Maasdijk. After this period the existing nursery consists of 3 locations, each with their specific cultivation. Sander Verbeek, a Chrysanthemum grower, was forced to move in 2005, he came in contact with Arie Strijbis. They decided to merge their companies and call it Stijbisverbeek. The current name SV.CO comes from a revised corporate identity and brand, which was completely overhauled in 2011.

Over the years the company always had the same vision about how to trade, in this flexibility and quality are very important. Diversity is one of the strengths of SV.CO. Within the Chrysanthemum and Kalanchoë species they produce they have a very wide range of varieties, pot and added values ​​.

SV.CO and OZ Planten have been working together for years, because of this long collaboration there is a very good relationship. Because SV.CO  has novelties each year they are a key partner for OZ Planten on their day trading and long-term actions .

In Chrysanthemums SV.CO has a great diversity in pot size 7cm, 9cm, 12cm and 23cm coupe . In those pot sizes they also have a strong selection in special types, double flowered and a wide range of colours. SV.CO’s selection can be ordered in mix trays or by colour. In addition, they have a fixed range of Kalanchoë (pot 9cm and 23cm) and also seasonal production of Poinsettia and Primula obconica "Touch Me ". Reason enough to make SV.CO “Grower if the Month” in the month of October. On the site of SV.CO they have the full list of plants they offer and also great tips and trends for consumers. With also a full list of their Christmas offers it is a very nice site to visit. 

Piko Plant

With over 30 years of experience in growing Phalaenopsis and with their own brand, we have chosen this month for Piko Plant as grower of the month. They have between 100 and 150 different species of Phalaenopsis this enables them to have a wide selection of colours and makes them very flexible in their mix. Besides using different top breeders they also have their own breeding department, the result of this is a distinguishing selection. They renewed their greenhouse in 2012 and now have 44,000 m2 of which 3,500 m2 has a double floor for an optimal cultivation. They also feature a presentation room where customers can come and see their own range and can put together a special mix for each customer in consultation with Piko Plant. The process is automated by Piko Plant, but next to the camera's a human eye still assesses each plant. The traditional manufacturing and high technology go well together, and they like to show this to their customers. They also have their own brand that is called Bohemian Orchids ®, which stands for artistic, exclusive and independent spirit. This mix is intended for the upper segment of the market and has a luxurious, elegant look.

Piko Plant is  for OZ Planten for Phalaenopsis a preferred grower and we have been working for more than 10 years successfully together. The flexibility and diversity of their product range speaks to customers OZ Planten.

Piko Plant is interested in the wishes of the consumers and find it very important and to hear the comments and feedback in order to improve  their service and product range. The new greenhouse enables Piko Plant to get a production of two million plants per year, which nevertheless allows the plants to grow to mature plants at ease. the quality remains paramount.

Fachjan BV

Since 1984 Fachjan BV specializes in the import, export and cultivation of tropical and subtropical trees and plants, up to 14 meters high. Their range consists mainly of green plants and they focus on the higher segment of the market green plants. The total production - area consists of 45,000 m2 of modern greenhouses which is partly renovated in 2012.

One of the key distinguishing features of Fachjan is a wide assortment throughout the year service and knowledge are also important properties for them. And their specialized staff will answer their customers quickly and accurately. Over the years they have had many large projects both domestically and internationally. For example they supplied the Masoala Project in Zurich or a wellness center in Sinsheim.

The range of Fachjan consists of small plants in a pot 6 cm to large trees of 14 meters, including Ficus, Schefflera and Sanseveria in many shapes and sizes. With an addition of pots we can really answer the customer needs for sustainable plantations. This makes them a perfect partner for OZ Planten in green plants and special projects. For day trading we like to use their quality and diversity of their assortment.

Since late 2012, the company run by the third generation Janssens: Fred and Paul. Backed by a modern management team, four vendors and as a 40 enthusiastic employees Fachjan sees the future with great confidence.

Handelskwekerij Ubink

Handelskwekerij Ubink started in 1927 and grew cut-foliage, Dianthus, Cacti and Succulents grown in small pots back then. In the early 70's they made the decision to focus to a pure Cacti and Succulents cultivation, with a company that then had an area of 4,000 m2.  In 2013, the Executive Board of Ubink  is composed of from the 4th generation Ubink these are Gert, John and Edwin Ubink. They have grown to a company with 55.0000m2 of greenhouse surface, and a team of 50 employees.  They also have a partnership with growers in the south of Europe and Korea, this gives Ubink the ability to provide their customers with a broad assortment of plants.

One of Ubink’s strength as a grower is that they have a wide range of plants, they have everything form a pot 3 to 60cm, and a year program of around 300 varieties. To serve a wide range of customers, they are always trying to improve their quality, service and assortment. This makes them one of the few Cactus and Succulents breeder in Europe who are involved with product innovation. In recent years, many new varieties like Echeveria and Aloe's introduced by Ubink. In the Cacti are always small changes in the range, but this is a long process.

Fun fact: It can take between 7 to 15 years from discover to productions of a new species in Cactus or Succulent?

They also go to Ubink with the seasons with added value in color pots and compiling their arrangements that are made ​​fresh daily. Enough reason for OZ Plants to use as regular supplier of Cacti and Succulents. Handelskwekerij Ubink The Indoor/Outdoor range Ubink is very popular, it consists of species that can be without having to spend a lot of care. Placed in summer on the terrace or balcony

Handelskwekerij Ubink’s company video 

Solis Plant

"Solis plant" is a new company that focuses on growing Kalanchoe Rosalina in an 10,5 cm pot. Grower Solis Plant was founded by Gerrit van Dop and son René, and it came from what was originally a bell pepper grower in Naaldwijk. After years of growing bell peppers it was time  for the family's van Dop for a new challenge. A completely new greenhouse was built of 2.5 ha. The first cuttings where planted in late 2008, and as of March 2009, the company was  in full production and where delivering their Kalanchoe Rosalina.

When René van Dop and his team became operational at day one, they were supplier of OZ Planten. Working hard together to create the right synergy. And with great success, to this day Solis Plant is still the preferred grower for the double flowering Kalanchoe’s for OZ Planten.  

Fun fact: Did you know that "Solis plant" comes from the ancient Greek word "Sunshine"?

Solis Plant Grower specializes in growing the Kalanchoe Rosalina, They also have an hydrangea production between the months of May and October to add to their assortment. This has its own "Le Chic" hanging tag to better stand out in the stores. The Kalanchoe Rosalina is available all year round, and will get their own "Le Chic" sleeve in about three months. As a grower, Solis is always looking for new concepts and styles to give their product extra attention, one example is their own website, it was specially made ​​for the Kalanchoe Rosalina. The setup of this modern grower is optimized for product quality and processing, resulting in a personal client adaptation. "You ask, we deliver!" Is the credo of Solis plant. In addition to quality, service and flexibility are the strengths of Solis Plant.

They achieve this by using a experienced team, and the right equipment and its flexibility, to deliver their plant to the customers whishes. 


Opti-flor is an innovative company who has optimized their growing methods for a top quality Phalaenopsis. In five environmentally friendly establishments they grow an assortment of Multi-flower, Midi-flower and Grandi-flower varieties and also the Specialties. The new varieties are thoroughly tested in one of our five establishments. Because of the special attention Opti-flor has for humanity, surroundings and environment it has acquired two certificates:  MPS-Florimark and FFP (fair flower fair plants). Quality is the most important criterion for Opti-flor.

The family company, which was founded in 1928, has a long history of growing natural products. Until the start of this century the Hendriks Family were solely growing vegetables and fruits. The change arrived around the year 2000, when the grandsons of the founder J.W. Hendriks decided to turnover to floriculture production. And with making a decision for the floriculture, René and Marco Hendriks, also made the choice for the most beautiful plant of the floriculture:  the Phalaenopsis

The heavy plant is one of the recognizable and distinguished quality of the Opti-flor cultivated Phalaenopsis. Because Opti-flor uses a longer cultivation time there Phalaenopsis have thicker stems, bigger leaves, more flowers and well developed roots. On top of this Opti-flor is equipped with state of the art and energy efficient greenhouses who guarantee the ideal growing conditions.

Opti-flor is a trendsetter with their innovative assortment and marketing. Aiming for the highest brand recognition in the chain. Close and lasting relationships with both suppliers and customers, in which knowledge and experiences are shared, provide a basis for exploiting the business opportunities.

To enhance the brand experience Opti-flor presents itself prominently outwards. For example, recently an exclusive brand label developed for the plant and comes Opti-flor with several ready-to-eat (gift) concepts. For the film Snow White and the Huntsman has Opti-flor developed the same Phalaenopsis.

F.N. Kempen BV

F.N. Kempen BV is a company that has its origin in Hazerswoude, and is relocated in 1995 to Mijdrecht where over the years they are grown to a modern pot plant nursery. The Boskoop origin reflects in the quality of the plants, the perfect logistical handling of the orders is a good addition to this. F.N. Kempen BV is specialized in growing and trading visual attractive garden plants. The current location allows a quick response for the day trading even on the day of departure. The ordering on the day of departure makes F.N. Kempen BV a reliable partner for OZ Planten in visual attractive garden plants. To extend the season of garden plants F.N. Kempen BV works closely with its suppliers located in Southern Europe. In assignment of and with material resources these garden plants are grown and satisfy the quality standard of F.N. Kempen BV. There is a constant search for new varieties which are an addition to the assortment. In 2013 they succeed again to launch such new varieties on the market, namely,
- Iberis 'Masterpiece' from week 16 till 24
- Phlox 'Paparazzi' from week 17 till 21 
- Rudbeckia 'Summerina' from week 27 till 36
The slogan of the company is "Plants to Inspire" which refers to the various available visual season items for garden and balcony. Year round there are a few eye catchers available that are interesting for the consumer. The assortment vary from Anemone to Lavandula, Lithodora, Vinca, Heuchera, Greek herbs and more varying in a pot 12, 15, 17 and/or 19. A large part of the assortment is also delivered in a matching colored growing pot. Especially for OZ Planten there are 2 month offers arranged. Are you interested in these offers or in the total assortment of F.N. Kempen BV? Please ask your account manager.

Dijk van Dijk

Based on quality Dijk van Dijk is one of the best indoor Hydrangea supplier. To guarantee the right quality they have a full in-house growing system from the cuttings to the full grown plants. Dijk van Dijk is aware that by keeping this in-house, the quality of the end product improves and the plants also grow better. Regular customers are very important to Dijk van Dijk, this is why they grow their assortment in a weekly pattern.  Because Dijk van Dijk has their own coolers they can program their weekly production perfectly. The customer focus of Dijk van Dijk is on the daily trade with supplying mainly florists and garden centers. The Hydrangea are bound on sticks the old fashion way, in this way they also get an extra quality check. Dijk van Dijk offers a broad assortment and is always searching for new and/or niche varieties  to get a distinguish assortment. The assortment is chosen based on durability, flowering time and the quality of the plant, all this ensures and interesting assortment for the regular customers of Dijk van Dijk. As a Decorum grower Dijk van Dijk can supply the Hydrangea in Decorum style with the sorting 5-6 and 7-8 flowers, if requested they can even supply with 9+ flowers. Dijk van Dijk grows the Hydrangea ball, Teller, Bicolor and stuffed flowers in various types. The Hydrangea in pot size 14 from Dijk van Dijk can even maintain 3 to 4 months with some proper care. As an addition to the main product (indoor Hydrangea) Dijk van Dijk also grows outdoor Hydrangea in a pot 21 and the Lavandula, Dianthus, Antirrhinum and Fuchsia in a pot 12. These quality garden plants are available in May and June and are also delivered in the Decorum look.

Kwekerij Jongerling

Kwekerij Jongerling has been a supplier of various Citrus and Olive trees since 1991. The Mediterranean plants are purchased from regular suppliers located around the Mediterranean Sea of which 80% comes from Greece. The suppliers are visited several times a year to guarantee close collaboration and quality plants. To insure quality plants for customers, they acclimatize the plants for a period of 3 to 4 weeks in the Netherlands. In addition to quality, Kwekerij Jongerling gives their regular customers excellent service. Kwekerij Jongerling supplies various varieties, pot sizes and variations: on rack, stem and cylinder. The most popular variety is the Citrus Calamondin, the most rare variety is the Citrus Hand of Buddha and the latest variety is the Citrus Canaliculata.