Partners in production: collaborate with growers

OZ Planten works with preferred suppliers. These suppliers are selected by the quality for value of their plants, the reliable delivery of that grower, and also their Passion for Plants. OZ Planten is therefore able to offer a wide and deep assortment of plants. This assortment provides the perfect selection for our customers. Our buyers have daily contact with our growers / partners and visit them regularly. This contact allows OZ Planten to always provide seasonal and exclusive offers.

Ammerlaan Orchideeën
Ammerlaan The Green Innovator
Amstel, Kwekerij de
Aphrodite Orchidee
Baas, Kwekerij A.
Bloemenkampen, Kwekerij de
Bosplant, Kwekerij
Bouman, Kwekerij de
Bromelia Specialist
Buitenhuis, Kwekerij
Damen, Fa. H.C.
Duijn-Hove, Kwekerij
Fachjan B.V.
Geel Orchideeën B.V., Van
Groene Tint
Harg B.V., Leo van der
Have Plant, Ten
Hoog Orchideeën, De
Hoogeveen Plants
Ijselenberg, Kwekerij
Inca Orchids
Jongerling, Kwekerij
Junglestar B.V.
Kempen, Kwekerij van FN
KP Holland
Laak Orchids, Ter
Lansdaal, Kwekerij
Maarel Orchids
Meewisse Plants
Mixt Creations
Nolina Kwekerijen
OK Plant
Oriental Growers
Pannekoek Orchideeën
Piko Plant B.V.
Pligt Professionals
PT Creations
Sjaloom BV, Potplantenkwekerij
Smit kwekerijen
Solis plant
Stolk Flora
Ubink B.V.
Valstar B.V., Gebr.
VG Orchids
Victor Hooftman, Kwekerij
Vijverberg, Kwekerij Piet
Voort, Chris van der
Vreugdenberg, Kwekerij
Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants
Wijk, Kwekerij van
Zuidbaak, Kwekerij de 
Zuydgeest De Lier