Plants and our passion

Direct from Grower: guaranteed by our partners
Tailor made offers, that match the wishes of our customers. That is the mission of OZ Planten. With our Passion for Plants, we focus our sales on quality products from the middle and upper segment of the market. OZ Planten is one of the most progressive and largest plant exporters in the Netherlands. We maintain close contact with a select group of reliable plant growers, handpicked by OZ Planten.
Our growers /partners have a wide and deep range of plants, from which we can compose the perfect plant assortment. Through close collaboration with our partners, OZ Planten always has special and exclusive offers. Our customers are the first to benefit from these new deals.

Purchasing auction clock
The largest plant auction in Europe is FloraHolland Aalsmeer (NL). OZ Planten is one of the largest buyers and a major player at this auction. Every day, four specialized plant buyers are present at the auction, to complete our selection with well-priced, seasonal products.
80% of the plants we buy come directly from the grower and only 20% are bought at the auction clock.

The advantages of our stock
OZ Planten also has stock available. The stock consists of both plants from our growers as well as some special auction purchases. Even on the day of departure you can still buy specific plants from our stock, or add to your shipment just before loading.  In addition to this, some growers offer a virtual stock, specially available for the customers of OZ Planten. This virtual stock is a simple way to order dayfresh products in the needed quantities.